What should be the proper Breakfast is the healthiest food

The key to proper functioning of the entire body is proper nutrition, and the main principle of healthy nutrition is a healthy Breakfast says med2.ru.

If you ask the registered dietitian about how to be a proper Breakfast, it’ll be to list the products that you want to eat in the morning. He will tell you the General characteristics of this Breakfast:

  • Natural;
  • Easy;
  • Nutrient;
  • Not containing much fat and difficult to digest proteins;
  • Easy to prepare, to preserve all useful substances of products;
  • Delicious to get a positive charge for the whole day.

What should be a proper Breakfast

Many begin their day with tea and a sandwich, and someone with a mocha on an empty stomach. This is fundamentally the wrong approach. The most appropriate products for a healthy Breakfast are a variety of cereals. But porridge every day is not possible. That is why we should make a list of products that can replace her during the morning meal.

  • Muesli

The same oatmeal, only with the addition of nuts, dried fruits, seeds and grains. Very useful in cooking, because they do not need to boil. The mixture is simply poured warm milk or yogurt, due to which the nutrients will not evaporate.

  • Eggs

We are not talking about familiar childhood scrambled eggs. Breakfast is best suited cooked “in the bag” egg. In this method, egg yolk remains liquid and retains all the useful minerals and vitamins. Serve the eggs with whole wheat toasts and unsweetened coffee.

  • Cheese

Moreover, its fat content must be no more than 9%. You can eat not just a cottage, but also the dishes prepared from it. For example, it can be a casserole, low-fat cheesecakes, pudding or souffle. Curd can be mixed with other dairy products: yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt.

  • Salad

Every day you need to eat salads. They can be not only vegetable but also fruit or with nuts and berries. It should also be remembered that it is necessary to use freshly prepared salad. So the body gets the vitamins contained in the ingredients, with minimal losses.

  • Smoothies

In order to prepare such a Breakfast, you just need to grind in a blender, fruits, herbs or vegetables, adding water, milk or whey. Athletes can mix for yourself a protein shake.


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All the familiar sandwiches with sausage, cheese or other products are not suitable for Breakfast but can be used for a snack between Breakfast and lunch. This snack will be much better tea with sweet pastries or fast food. But to abuse such snacking is not necessary, better to eat a bit of nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit or seeds.