Ukraine cut gas consumption standards

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 25% has reduced the rate of consumption of gas without counters. The decision of the government adopted at the meeting on August 18.

Thus, for those who have a gas stove and centralized hot water supply, the rate is reduced to 3.3 cubic meters of gas per person per month. Earlier the rate was 4.4 cubic meters.

For those who have no hot water, no gas heater, the rate is reduced to 5.4 cubic meters per month (it is 7.1 cubic meters).

Residents of apartments with gas pumps has established a norm of 10.5 cubic meters a month per person (was 14 cubic meters).

We will remind, gas prices in Ukraine established by the Cabinet of Ministers, and the cost of heating, which depends on the prices for natural gas, says the national Commission in the areas of energy and utilities. As stated by the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, the cost of natural gas can vary dependent on the level of inflation, however, the reason for the spike, the Prime Minister said, at the moment.