Ukraine to increase gas imports from Poland

The operator of the gas transportation system in Poland Gaz-system and Ukrtransgaz agreed to increase gas supplies to Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of Gaz-system.

The power supply will change from 1 September 2017. Since the beginning of autumn to April 30 will be able to import from Poland to Ukraine 250 thousand cubic meters of gas per hour.

In summer, the maximum volume of gas supplies will amount to 167 thousand cubic meters of gas per hour. So, the average for the year to come may 208,5 thousand cubic meters of gas per hour.

Recall that the volume of gas in underground storages (UGS) of Ukraine as of July 10 increased to 12,019 billion cubic meters. This is evidenced by the operational data of the “Ukrtransgaz”.
Thus, the Ukrainian UGS filled at 38%.

As you know, from November 2015, Ukraine does not buy gas directly from the Russian “Gazprom”, because all imported fuel into the country on the reverse from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.