Scientists have explained why it is impossible to restrain negative emotions

The study showed that the constant desire to avoid negative emotions can trigger psychological stress. The researchers from the University of California at Berkeley, if a person resists all the time your darkest emotions, it causes stress and affects mental health, according to

In other words, the experience of negative feelings can help the person to strengthen the psyche. The researchers tested the relationship between emotional perception and the psychological health of more than 1 300 people. It turned out that people who constantly resist your dark emotions or judge yourself too harshly, in the end, experience much more stress.

In contrast, those people who did allow themselves not very pleasant thoughts, frustration and similar negative emotions, subsequently experienced less mood disorders. Scientists emphasize that the capacity to experience our own negative emotional responses is very important for mental well-being. Those who accept these emotions without judgment or attempts to change themselves, better cope with stress.


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Scientists conducted several experiments with different groups of volunteers, both in laboratories and in the Internet. In the first, more than 1,000 people have posted how much they agree with such statements as, “I keep telling myself that I should not experience those feelings”. It turned out that those people for whom such statements are the rule, the later have a much higher stress level.

In another study, more than 200 people kept diaries in which they described their most difficult experiences during a two week period. After six months the level of their psychological health was evaluated by the experts. It turned out that the authors of the diaries that are normally avoided expressing negative emotions, subsequently, more likely to suffer from mood disorders.