Who in Ukraine will not receive a pension after the reform

Autumn in Ukraine will consider in the second reading and the whole government project of pension reform. The document envisages a series of innovations both for current and for future pensioners. Enter “modernity” (5.6 million pensions will be recalculated, as a result, they will grow from 200 to more than 1,000 hryvnia), stricter rules on the calculation of seniority.

Pensions to Ukrainians who have earned less than 15 years of experience, is not necessary, and that social assistance from the state they can get. Now about 100 thousand Ukrainians of retirement age do not get a pension. The size of social assistance for Ukrainians, who lost efficiency, However, according to the law “On state social assistance to persons who are not eligible for retirement”, the amount of such aid is only 30% of the subsistence minimum for the disabled.

As has told the expert in the sphere of pension provision, candidate of economic Sciences Lydia Tkachenko, if the total income of Ukrainians over the age of 60 is less than the minimum pension, he has the right to address in bodies of social protection and social benefits in addition to the Supplement to the subsistence level.

We will note, now the Ukrainians with 15 years of experience retire at 60 years, and in 2028-m, if the reform will take, will retire at 65. The minimum requirement for a pension at 65 is not changed, it was fixed at 15 years. But the requirements for pension at 63 and 60 years will grow 10 years, increasing each year by 12 months. So, next year, in 60 years to receive his pension can the Ukrainians with 25 years of experience, and by 2028-mu need to work at least 35 years.

The amount of the pension will be determined individually and be considered by the formula. In this case the law already is the norm – the amount of pension on age cannot be below the subsistence level for the disabled. This amount (currently 1312 UAH) and called minimum pension. If you find that the amount of the pension calculated according to the formula below 1312 UAH, at the expense of the Pension Fund of its “reach” of the minimal salary.