Why a wooden house from a bar – good investment in a healthy future of the whole family?

It would seem that in a crisis the construction industry needs to go through hard moments, but even in such difficult times the market is not only growing, especially multi-storey houses made of concrete, but also actively develop these relatively narrow areas of the wooden house from a bar turnkey.

To teach people to something new and wild, in our case, to acquaint with buildings made of wood, is always difficult. But we, Mahagoni Assembly, as one of the representatives of the market of wooden housing construction as a modern, responsible and reliable team, started doing this around 2004.
A little more than 12 years of his professional practice, we made happy more than 90 families, realizing more than 100 projects of different complexity, ranging from small baths and ending with houses of 500 m2. View our work, to pick up a project at home or to get answers to questions on the website http://mahagoni.com.ua/.

Home price of lumber starts from 12 000 UAH/m2 and depends on the complexity of the project, the location of the site and quality of purchased materials, as well as requests of the customer.

Laminated veneer lumber – a modern and high-tech construction material. A pioneer in its creation and testing was Finland. For anybody not a secret that the Finns are very serious and strict rules in the field of energy conservation and construction. They are actively using it today, and it means that the material is worthy of attention and serves to construction of varied designs is the leader in terms of construction. For 30 years, nothing better for building a wooden house came up.

Such a great interest in wooden houses today can be explained by the fact that finally our people are beginning to understand the value of such property, even though the active dissemination “scary” legends from unscrupulous builders of houses made of bricks, concrete and blocks.
House of laminated veneer lumber of Mahogany is a timely, environmentally friendly, sturdy and durable structure. They have many advantages, among which the most important:

  • Glued laminated timber is 100% natural and environmentally friendly material
  • Natural and optimal microclimate, including humidity-regulation. Sleep in such an atmosphere of deep and the man wakes up fully rested
  • Woody volatile beneficial effects on the nervous and respiratory system
  • Savings. This winter the house warms up quickly and holds heat very well, and in the summer you can safely do without air conditioning
  • No need for expensive exterior finishes, unlike apartments, houses, concrete and brick
  • The house has an incredibly beautiful, sleek and neat appearance, and the surface is nice and smooth
  • Light weight – no need for expensive Foundation
  • Pre-fabricated – from 3 to 6 months
  • Large margin, and will not crack or warp unlike solid wood
  • The lifetime of more than 75 years
  • Smoke, as the fire glulam is very difficult

Our modern pace of life causes constant stress and so want to touch anything natural, at least in his own house – place, and for someone and the fortress, where you can relax and hide from the bad things.
Houses made of wood is a useful and refreshment accommodation for the whole family.
Health is not worth saving, so it is the best investment in myself and my own children.

Good luck to all!!!