Easter basket has risen by 20%

The minimum set of products for Easter table — to them, we will remind, according to the Church canons are Easter cake, painted eggs and baked meat (alcohol, including a textbook Cahors, the Church does not approve of, but does not prohibit) — has risen this year by 20%. These are the results of studies done for the “Today” of the Ukrainian agrarian Confederation. “Easter inflation” were 1.33 times more than inflation per year (average 15%). You now have homemade cake for 2 kg will cost 80 UAH (+UAH 14), and the whole basket is 150 UAH (+UAH 24). By the way, “cakes” of the same weight and quality but factory, shopping online has on offer for 200 UAH/kg, although a year ago it was 120.

EXPERTS. The main factor of growth of the price of the cake was milk. “Above average has risen all the products that are used in cooking baking, in addition to salt, — says the analyst of the agrarian markets Dmitry var Dane. Is the leader milk (+33%) and butter (+28%), which is not surprising: the production of milk decreased, decreased state support of producers and raised world prices. Over the year rose significantly eggs (+19,7%), sugar (+14,9%), raisins (+10.8 per cent) and flour (+8.3 per cent). And the price of flour and eggs was affected by the intensification of export. A kilo of pork rose by 17%. It is caused primarily by the rise in pork prices, as the population declined in many regions of the country has been quarantined due to the spread of African swine fever”.

Accessories for Easter I buy baskets and stickers

On the eve of Easter Ukrainians are actively interested in themed accessories. According to the study Prom.ua over the last 2 years on the Internet people began to buy more candles and oil lamps (+77,8%), detergents for General cleaning on Maundy Thursday (+69,6%), wicker basket (+67,2%), decorative eggs (+65,8%), forms for baking cakes (+59,6%), labels for eggs (+27.4 per cent). The average bill for these commodities increased by 70-190 UAH. That is, when candles and oil lamps people pay UAH 279, detergents — 231 UAH, wicker baskets — 311 UAH, forms for baking cakes — 216 UAH, labels for eggs — 109 UAH. The increasing demand for themed products is not accidental, analysts explain, because the Ukrainians want to celebrate Easter in a clean and homes with a traditional table, where a special place is occupied Easter cakes and eggs-eggs. “Two weeks before Easter the demand for household cleaners — buy them twice as often than usually”, — says the head of Prom.ua Ivan Tailor. According to him, demand for Easter merchandise is also evident is predictable, because themed products Easter decoration, wooden Easter eggs, baking Easter baskets are almost never sold in other seasons: “each year, the number of goods sold over the Internet at times. This is due to the increased range of products and sellers themselves, allowing you to acquire the necessary goods at competitive prices.”

TRENDS. On the eve of Easter, not all Ukrainians want to clean or cook for yourself, because this may not be enough time. Therefore, people order cleaning spacompany or private performers. “Before Easter the demand for General cleaning of the apartment increased by 26%. For example, a complete cleaning of odnushki in 35 square meters will cost from 650 UAH. If the order includes cleaning of Windows, have to throw around 100 UAH per window. And bake the cake a year ago cost 200 UAH per 3 pieces, now because of rising prices for food service has risen to 270 UAH”, — says co-founder Kabanchik.ua Roman Kirigetov. In addition, the Ukrainians are now increasingly interested in Easter handmade decor for home decoration: “Demand has increased by 32% compared to 2016. interestingly, now the Ukrainians actively adopt the Western tradition, poet,in addition to Souvenirs with hens, chickens and krashenki, buy products with the image of Easter bunnies”, — said the head Crafta.ua Alexander Yuriev. According to him, from handmade goods the most popular this year of the wooden stand for eggs (from 80 UAH), festive towels (from 100 UAH), Easter greetings (from 10 UAH), decorated biscuits (from 25 UAH / PCs.), decorative toys, candles and soap (from 30 UAH).