Scientists call the biggest threat to humans

Psychologists from Brigham young University in the United States called the biggest threat to humans. According to experts, the most dangerous for the population loneliness and social isolation, according to “Orthodox” with a link to EurekAlert!.

Scientists say that the impact of these factors is growing every year. Meanwhile, communication of people with each other is necessary for human health and is one of the fundamental components of well-being and normal psychological state.

According to the study, about a million US residents over the age of 45 suffer from chronic loneliness. Thus, according to the census of 2014, more than a quarter of the population lives alone and more than half are not married.

It is reported that the research assistants reviewed the results of 147 scientific works, in which participated more than 300 thousand volunteers.

According to psychologists, a strong social connections help to reduce the risk of early mortality in 50 percent of cases. The isolation and loneliness of these risks increases, and even more than obesity.