In a single instance: the master earn on the redesign of old dolls

In the world today quite popular redesign of the dolls, or, as it is called — OOAK “One Of A Kind” (eng. “a single copy”). In the capable hands of a master, the doll takes on a new look: her makeup redraw, pereprodavat hair, and sometimes even carried out a “plastic surgery” — blade form new features. This is a very fine piece of work — rubber thickness of 3 mm, and one wrong move can permanently “maim” doll. Rework as a popular brand of toys, and not known to anyone, but they are then equally expensive.


The journalist and fashion consultant Tanya Haimovitz remakes of old Barbie dolls. And then sells them or gives to friends. “When people learn about my hobby, condescending shrug — like, not played enough in childhood. Actually I’m from quite a wealthy family. And I think little was in Soviet girls that had so many famous dolls as me in the late 80’s. once in America I saw Barbie Scarlett, and just “sick” of it, because in the time of money (and it cost $60) is not enough”, — says the girl. Tanya grew up, went to work in television, and like childhood hobby was forgotten. But once she saw the auction on the Internet the very Scarlett — and bought it, and for the same $60 ($15 paid for the doll, another $45 for shipping). Since the doll again entered her life. Mistress loves to create a whole image: from the new makeup and hairstyles, and even “plastic surgery” to design clothes.

  • Where to get dolls?

Some Barbie become a rarity and collector’s value, but people uninitiated don’t know about it — they give them to goodwill, give or sell for pennies. Of course, to find a “diamond” on the “flea” — a great success, because other collectors are not asleep. Tanya explains: “All my friends know that I need to give the old dolls. Earlier there was a good selection of second-hand in a Forest in Kiev, but now, the sellers have realized that this is a good business for yourself and sell them via the Internet at 100-300 UAH. Some dolls I find at flea markets in other countries.”

Many toys sold on the foreign auctions, with the very best deals — 10-30 dolls for $5-10. But you need to be prepared for the fact that many are broken and fix them unrealistic (for example, loose joints in the limbs, do not bend the legs or the head is not the “anchor”).

  • Where to study?

Some special courses on changing the puppet does not exist. Learning everything by yourself, consult with each other. “When I have something does not work, I go to a special page in the social network where I ask for advice from the masters. Before it helped me, now I have something to recommend, explain or lay out a master class,” — says Tatiana.


  • Kharkiv mistress creates original doll with character and unusual animals

Usually first owners of the dolls with them especially do not stand on ceremony — cut hair, paint markers and pens. But if the body and head in good condition (there are a great doll with literally gnawed limbs), these nuances can be remedied. Spot perfectly deduce the pharmacy of acne, new hair sewn something is hiding under the makeup. So the doll becomes not only more beautiful but also better quality — for example, the new hair is usually much better and give greater freedom to create hairstyles. In manufacturing could be saved — for example, the best brush to draw a new makeup — eye liner, and special (expensive and scarce) doll hair it is possible to replace your even.

  • Where to find clients?

To engage in the modification of dolls exclusively for the money not worth it — it’s very subtle, complex work and not always bring the expected income. It works, which is to love. It is best to create a personal page in social networks and post there photos of the finished work, show work. If the doll is of good quality and interesting — to you customers will come themselves. You can put toys on foreign markets, for example, or — there are clients richer. Although our sites have altered dolls.

New image. Dolls changing everything: clothes, makeup, and even hair

New image. Dolls changing everything: clothes, makeup, and even hair

New image. Dolls changing everything: clothes, makeup, and even hair

New image. Dolls changing everything: clothes, makeup, and even hair

New image. Dolls changing everything: clothes, makeup, and even hair


Most of the dolls remake in celebrities or popular characters from movies, games and books. Some order the redesign of the dolls, so it was like a new owner. Resemblance optional: enough to make a similar hairstyle, apply a recognizable makeup and wardrobe.

As a rule, for the manufacture of dolls-celebrities take these dolls and just improve them. For example, the famous cheekbones of Angelina Jolie has been thought through in her mold (the so-called head type doll), and it can only improve.

Puppet version of Jolie

Some of the characters very much in a sale, such as Mermaids. But to find Jessica Rebbit, beauty in the red dress from the movie “Who framed Roger rabbit?”, it is nearly impossible. Masters found a way out: from red-haired Mermaid turned out great sexy Jessica.

Among masters and our gurus: for example, the American artist Noel Cruz gives the dolls a resemblance with celebrities. He is a professional artist and became interested in the doll by accident, helping his wife to look for copies for its collection. Once he saw repainted the doll and decided to try it. He is now considered one of the best masters of OOAK in the world.

Jessica. And was the first Mermaid…


Of course, prices masters exhibit different, and they depend not only on dolls, but on behalf of the manufacturer: the creation of the famous artist may cost several thousand dollars. Ukrainian masters can request from a few hundred to a few thousand hryvnia, and to the popular queues. Such blockbuster wizard even conduct auctions in the comments increase the price.