How to save business reputation

Often when starting a business entrepreneurs-beginners don’t know what challenges will be faced on the way to inversion. Meanwhile, experienced business owners know that if you want to cause the company to competitor serious damage — to spoil the good name of the owner. On how to protect business reputation, tell managing partner at Pravovest Gleb Segida.

ALERT. Damage to business reputation may be caused by purposeful actions of ill-wishers or competitors. “Third parties may knowingly disseminate false information, clinging to some minor misdemeanor. For example, the company detained 2 days of paying employees or suppliers, but it is a persistent defaulter, which is specially deceiving the people,” — said the Segid. Reputation can be spoiled and coincidence: “it is Enough of one dissatisfied customer, who with the help of social networks from small problems can overclock real campaign of black PR. Often connect detractors, continuing to artificially promote a theme, or hire people to provocations”, — explains the lawyer.

RULES. In such situations must be prepared and plan for the response, it is important to consider in advance. “We need to identify a person and a team that will be responsible for the “fiddling” of the situation. Very important — do not be silent. It is better to admit what happened was an emergency situation than trying to hide it or not to react. Don’t forget: while you are silent, others say. And they form messages to the public and regulatory bodies that can be “involved” in the situation. Therefore it is necessary to shape the agenda with their own. You can say: Yes, there is a problem. But we are trying to eliminate that and change that such situations never happen again,” advises the Segid.

The lawyer recommends to communicate with a source of complaints: “If it is an ordinary client — it is much cheaper to “calm down” attention. But if it’s a front man, it quickly turns out, there is a problem or not”. You should pay attention to whether the problem of the media, social networks, state agencies: “it is Necessary to convey their messages at all levels, otherwise people will never know. Sometimes it is better first to give the matter publicity, and again the first to begin to shape messages for the public, the detractors,” says the lawyer.

The COURT. The right to protection of honor and dignity is guaranteed by the legislation of Ukraine, in particular, the decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine “On judicial practice in cases on protection of honor and dignity of physical persons, and also business reputation of physical and legal entities,” and articles 32 and 68 of the Constitution, article 277 of the Civil code. “In order to protect the business reputation, you can sue in court. The claim can be assigned the demand for refutation of false information and/or compensation for losses that were caused by attacks on business reputation of physical or legal entities,” — says the Segid.