What will happen to the Ukrainians in September: the bread will rise, permits fall in price, and the dollar will start to grow

Ukrainians expect the traditional “price swings”. The lower prices will affect the potatoes, apples, which are just a season. But the bread will continue to rise, especially for social classes (Ukrainian round loaf, and their analogs, depending on the region), regulation of prices for which the Cabinet of Ministers abolished from 1 July. Finanalytica say that the dollar will start to grow, and the experts of the fuel market in this regard, the forecast growth of prices for oil products.

CURRENCY AND FUEL. Experts finrynka have confirmed his prediction that the autumn of the cheap dollar will end, he again will go to growth. Already in the first decade of September, the dollar will return to level 26 UAH/$, says economist Ivan Nikitchenko: “Expect the gradual devaluation of the hryvnia even at the end of August, and by the end of September the rate will reach 26,1—26,2”.

Senior analyst “Forex Club Ukraine” Andrew Shevchishin gave more hard prediction: “the Benchmark is 27.5 UAH/$ by the end of September, due to the recovery in business activity and demand for foreign currency”.

Based on the evaluation of the financiers, Director of consulting group “A-95” Sergey Kuiun gave a forecast on gas prices: “No shocks waiting for, but if the dollar strengthened, will rise in price. Dollar to the hryvnia, and a liter of gasoline — in the hryvnia”. Now the average price of a liter of A-95 — UAH 24,9/L.

But a car gas is expensive. Experts attribute this to its scarcity in the market and predict a further rise in prices. “At the last auction the price of the resource has exceeded 20 thousand UAH/t in opt. This means that the retail price will be 13-13,5 UAH/l,” — says Kuiun. Today it is in the range of 10.14—10,79 UAH/liter.

PRODUCTS. Ukrainians waiting for a cheap set of traditional and fruit, especially apples, I’m sure the Director of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko: “In September, their prices will fall by 15-20%, or up to 4-5 UAH per kilo of potatoes, carrots, beets, 5-6 UAH/kg cheaper onions and cabbage. Ukrainian apples will cost 16-18 UAH/kg. is Especially well cheaper tomatoes, now you can find them for 6-7 UAH/kg, and in September may be 4 UAH”. But the egg, according to Doroshenko, will rise by one third to 16-18 UAH/Dec.

Pork prices stabiliziruemost at 95-100 UAH/kg, but the milk will add to the price 4-5% (60-80 kopecks/liter), believes the analyst of the Ukrainian club of agrarian business Eugene the Janitor. The expert also talks about the possibility of a speculative growth of prices for buckwheat. It will collect only about 150 tons, or 10% less. In the end, kilo packet of buckwheat can rise to 4-5 UAH, i.e. RS 30-32.

HOUSING: HOME AND AWAY. The housing market situation is mixed. If apartment prices, especially in luxury buildings, will continue to gradually decrease, the rent will go up. According to experts one of the consulting companies of Roman Herasymchuk, in Kiev, where there is the most active construction, offer 10 times the demand for new housing. As far as cheaper housing, the expert predicts, but notes that the segment (smart-apartments and 1-2 bedroom apartments with an area of 50-60 sqm) in price will not fall. Now the “square” of such housing costs 10-13 thousand UAH depending on the area of the building. With the rental situation is different.

“August-September — hot time in the rental market of real estate in major cities. Traditionally there is a jump in prices for apartments because it is expected influx of students. Usually, they rent not just cheap housing — going clubbing together, students are able to rent and two-bedroom apartments for 3-4 people”, — told us the realtor Irina Lukyanov. It is estimated that the cost of renting will grow by 4-10%. For example, odnushku in a residential area will cost 5 thousand UAH, and of 5.2—5.5 thousand without “communal”.


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Good news for those who do not have time to relax in the summer. Prices for package tours in the autumn season will be cheaper than the summer, however, not in all directions. “Traditionally cheaper beach holidays in Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, there is expected to fall by 5-15%. The same applies to Ukraine”, — told the “Today” Vladislav Kifaru, Manager of the capital travel Agency. — But the tour, especially bus tours to Europe will become cheaper hardly — the “velvet” traditionally the high season, popular among the age group”.