Spy Putin in Kiev feel freer than in Moscow: there are several reasons

The activities of Russian agents in Ukraine resembles the situation in Moldova, where recently expelled five Russian diplomats. This is largely due to the lack of effective border control and the politicizing of the SBU. Why Ukraine is not allowed well-known politicians and artists from Russia, but do not notice the spies, “Apostrophe” said military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

The Russian spy network hyperacuity in Ukraine. Russia has never spared funds for intelligence gathering. To describe what is happening can be the case with Boris Nemtsov. During the six months before the murder he was offered for security purposes to move to Kiev. He said that Russian intelligence agencies in Kiev feel freer than in Moscow, and refused to move.

We had no lustration, countermeasures. Still the border remains open, it exists nominally. Today, our SBS can only answer one question: “How many people crossed the state border of Ukraine?” What is the qualitative composition of those people, for what purpose, for how long, where they go nobody knows.

Wrapped famous people to create a picture and fill in the information field. For example, the lolita Milyavskaya was not allowed or politicians of some, but the border remains open. We have not even entered the migration mode. Here, try to enter Russia — you fill in the migration card and have it go all the time. If you do not have this card, you will be fined, deported, and you will not be able within five years to enter into the Russian Federation.

We even do not. Therefore, it is not necessary to say that we monitor the work of the security services of Russia in Ukraine.

When the SBU was transferred from military to civilian rails, there began the confusion and vacillation. The security service of Ukraine was divided along political quotas — each party shall appoint a representative. A man works in the interests of the party. When they were a military organization, under oath, was subordinated to the President, and political affiliation harshly punished. The military cannot be a member of political parties. Now SBU has a staff with a Patriotic stance, and there are those who lobby for the interests of the opposition parties.

The same situation in Moldova. Staff of the Patriotic departments of the collected information, identify the spies and arrested them. They publicized this event. In this situation, the state machine cannot reverse. The same Dodon (the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, a well-known Pro-Russian stance — approx. ed) cannot say that they are the good guys, and we need to let them go. Although, maybe he called Putin and said, “Why are you my boys got arrested?” To such situations was not, develop a network of agents.