Trump faces impeachment due to the Russia – eydman

The newly elected President of the United States Donald trump, who takes office on January 20, could lose the presidency if American intelligence agencies prove the influence of Russia on his election victory. This was written in Facebook by political analyst Igor eidman.

According to him, the FBI and the CIA thoroughly undertook the investigation of Russian influence in the victory for trump in the presidential election

“The scandal with the Russian intervention in the U.S. presidential election grows. More recently, he openly horsing around and talked about this some deliberate nonsense. But now he can no longer ignore the investigations of the CIA and the FBI and says he is ready to meet with the leaders of the intelligence community to get new information about this situation,” wrote eydman.

He noted that trump’s investigation of the Russian intervention could end badly.

“Apparently understands (tramp – ed.) that the smell of fried. If using Trump (victory in the US presidential election – ed.) with the Russian authorities is proved, he faces impeachment,” added the analyst.

Recall, Donald trump has announced a meeting with the heads of the intelligence services, in connection with accusations of Russia in the cyber-attacks which against the country were imposed new sanctions.