The mass poisoning of children in the resort Koblevo: all the details

The participants of the children’s dance group from Kiev who were vacationing in the resort village Koblevo of the Nikolaev area, landed in the hospital with a high fever and eating disorder. Officials suspect that children could poison the water of the pool.

In the civil service on issues of food safety and consumer protection in the Nikolaev area say that two days before the poisoning dance team of 45 children and four adults came in Koblevo. Children and adults ate in the cafe and dining area, located on the territory of the boarding house. In the evening of the second day of the health of the children deteriorated. According to the inspectors first arrived at the hospital 15 children with a preliminary diagnosis of “acute gastroenteritis” and “food poisoning”.

“After inspection of the persons contacting with sick, has identified three sick children”, — told Hospitible, adding that in a hospital bed was patients 7 to 14 years. Officers went to the base to get water and food for analysis. During the inspection, it became clear that the leadership of the boarding house had no documents for the provision of services on improvement and rest for children.

According to the Deputy head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Vitaly Kondrateva, at first the doctors suspected rotavirus infection. “An emergency could cause the condition of the water in the swimming pool, where children spent time,” wrote the official on his page on the social network. However, in the Berezansky hospital, where hospitalized children, we were told that the version on the outbreak of rotavirus has declined. “This is food poisoning, which is accompanied by high fever and vomiting,” he explained to us the head physician of hospital Vasily gaydarzhi. According to him, as children have already stabilized. “Several people we have released,” said us gaydarzhi.

Meanwhile, the rest camp site is divided. Mothers of affected children say that the conditions of boarding house leave much to be desired and publish photos of dirty walls and old appliances. According to them, they were promised other conditions, when the group booked the room. However, other vacationers praise this Guesthouse and I believe that people could be poisoned outside the base.

“We live at the base for five days. Our children are every day swimming in the pool, eating in the dining room and cafe base. No one has any trouble”, says the social network in charge of the camp site Irina Mites. In the administration of the boarding house too, I assure you that no one on health never complained. “We are waiting for scan results and tests of children to understand what happened,” — told us at the hostel.

Earlier it was reported that in the Nikolaev area once again poisoned children.