Scientists have uncovered a breakthrough method of preservation in a good mood

Research laboratory for information communications in the field of analysis of brain ATR in Kyoto (Japan) have developed a method capable of altering cognitive function and brain activity. It is called “neurofeedback”, according to

This method can be called a breakthrough in the field of neuroscience. It represents a new way of treatment of mental disorders and cognitive impairments.

Japanese scientists have found that functional connectivity in the brain can be changed in both directions with the use of neurofeedback training, writes the journal Cerebral Cortex.


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Contrary to popular belief, separation or decrease in functional connections between brain regions equally important than just strengthening neural networks. The neural network can be associated with a road through the woods, and the fact that this path can be influenced. The researchers found that neuroplasticity can change human thinking. She is taken taken as the basis for developing a method of brain training neurofeedback.

For example, forced the strengthening of the neural networks related to optimism, good mood, change the brain, causing it to affect emotions, making them positive. Thus, the researchers came to the conclusion that the secret to keeping a positive attitude is the ability to send and sift thoughts.