How to travel with pleasure: tips for beautiful and healthy feet

Summer vacations and travel. When you go on vacation, your veins are working with heavy load. In hot weather, the outflow of blood from the legs to the heart slows and blood vessels can respond to increased air temperature.

During the journey, observe a few rules that the legs could remain healthy and beautiful, says Home.

1. Get ready the day before

To reduce the risk of swelling during a long journey, the day before, make small corrections to the usual menu. You should avoid food with high salt content (sausages, convenience food, fast food, smoked products), which may cause fluid retention and cause swelling.

2. Dress correctly

You have a long flight or car ride? Choose for travel clothing and shoes from natural materials. Synthetic fabrics are difficult to heat and this can increase swelling of the feet, especially if you spend a few hours with no movement.

3. Observe moderation

Reduce intake of alcohol which leads to dehydration, and this, in turn, can increase blood viscosity, causing strain on the veins increases. And don’t forget to drink water – 30 ml per kg of body weight.

4. Know of a place

In the plane select seats with maximum legroom. Usually they are at the beginning of the cabin, or near emergency exits. To know the plan of the cabin in accordance with a model airplane on the Internet.

5. Do not take extra

Every extra kilogram of Luggage that you raise, increases the load on the veins, so it is advisable to do a minimum. Buy suitcases on wheels, and wherever possible, use the assistance of the staff.

6. Pass prevention

Strengthen your veins in advance. Do exercises and take special medications.