A court in Switzerland for the first time passed a guilty verdict for a like in Facebook

A resident of Switzerland for the first time in the history of the country sentenced to a fine for “like” in social network Facebook. The court in Zurich sentenced the 45-year-old man and ordered him to pay a fine of 4 thousand francs ($4.1 thousand), writes Bi-Bi-si.

According to the Local Switzerland, in 2015, a convicted Swiss, who is not named, put “like” to the comments of the activists who accused the head of the Association for the protection of animals Erwin Kessler in racism and anti-Semitism.

In response, Kessler sued not only the authors of the review, but the “salajka”, explaining that “like” promoting the publication and makes it visible to more users.

The judge also noted that “like” implies endorsement and the defendant thus has demonstrated that he agrees with the content of the offensive comments.

In 1998, Sam Kessler was sentenced to a term of imprisonment after publicly compared the ritual slaughter of animals according to the Jewish traditions with the crimes of the German Nazis.

However, the court noted that after almost 20 years from the time of sentencing, defendants have no grounds to accuse him in racist and anti-Semitic views.