The terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg: the alleged suicide bomber came in touch with journalists

A resident of St. Petersburg Akbar Jalilov, who was called a terrorist in the subway in St. Petersburg, denied any involvement in the crime, reports “Rosbalt”.

“No, there has been some kind of mistake,” he said.

Earlier media reported that Vkontakte has a profile of alleged perpetrators of terrorist acts in St. Petersburg metro. They illustrated the message with pictures of Akbar Jalilov. He is 22 years old. Friends with him — 12 people, he also subscribed to the group “I love Islam” and IslamHouse.

Jalilov was not an active user of social networks and have not went to your page.

Note that the RF IC called the name and date of birth of the person who committed the attack, Akbarian Jalilov, 01.04.1995. These data coincide with the data on the page Jalilova, which was reached by “Rosbalt”. Only in the profile would probably be short for: not Akbarian and Akbar. This photo Sledkov RF is not published.

Later profile Jalilov was closed or deleted.