Apathy leads to premature deaths – Dutch scientists

Dutch scientists have established the relationship between chronic apathy and life expectancy. As it turned out, the person who is in depression, the chances of premature death is much higher than other people, according to dni.ru.

Specialists for several years watched life 716 pensioners in Dutch nursing homes, reports the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Over the study period in these institutions died 266 guests. Scientists have suggested that premature death may be related to low expectations from life. They decided to test my hypothesis on elderly people.


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As it turned out, disillusioned with life pensioners die two times more often than their optimistic peers. Experts pointed out that the risk of premature death of a person in apathy rises to 62%. It is noteworthy that among the depressive patients were men much more than women.

“The presence of apathy among the visitors of nursing homes suggests that this disease should be given more emphasis in taking care of retirees,” said researcher Johanna NASTEN. “Both patients and family and staff should challenge ourselves to improve the quality of life of older people in nursing homes”, she said.

However, the most important result of this study was not even made by scientists discovery, statistics and disillusioned with life grandparents. As it turned out, about half of residents of nursing homes low expectations from the rest of your life. This suggests that the premature death of many pensioners.