Russian harassed almost everywhere

Since morning, the network published a lot of materials about the invasion of Russia into Georgia from Abkhazia and North Ossetia. For this reason we will touch on a few aspects that hardly anyone will illuminate. Probably, the material will be multiple blocks that relates the current date and not very related to each other, but it is a consequence of the fact that we do not intend to draw a full picture of events, withdrawing something that is probably already written or will be written to the end of the day.

The first aspect is related to the fact that after the collapse of the scoop Russia has consistently and constantly engaged in wars of aggression against former Soviet republics that are included in the amorphous and clearly neo-imperialist organization of the CIS, of which Ukraine did not come out.

Tellingly, Moscow is waging the war under the same pretext of protecting Russian-speaking population. In fact, the attack several times attacked Georgia. Nothing but aggression cannot be called Russia’s actions in Moldova, and that Russia is doing in Ukraine is already an open war for territory. With Crimea Putin went too far and officially dropped the mask of a peacemaker. It is an open seizure of foreign territory in Europe, which occurred for the first time since Hitler.

In this regard, there are two considerations. According to Moscow, Russian-speaking or Russian, oppressed virtually everywhere in Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and even Kazakhstan and in the Baltic States. Moreover, all these countries have very different ethnic composition, the vector and the speed of development, but according to Moscow, they oppress the Russian. Simple logic would show the Russians the simple truth, it is not in these countries, but in themselves. Moreover, the only place where it was conducted qualitative and irrevocable de-Russification — Turkmenistan, as it is not interested in Moscow. And there was not only squeezed out Russian-speaking population and eliminated the Russian language as means of communication in the kitchen, but also abolished the Cyrillic alphabet as a means of written communication. Moreover, it happened in about 2-3 years after Turkmenistan’s independence.

Was renamed all the streets and squares, liquidated primers and other stuff, but the introduction of the Latin alphabet has become a particularly significant moment. Note, Tbilisi monuments of the pre-Imperial period, often have inscriptions in Arabic script, but Ashgabat has switched to the Latin alphabet. That is, it was not so much about returning to the roots, but about the elimination of the Cyrillic alphabet, as the back door for Russian neo-imperialism. It is clear that in this process the role played by Turkey, instantly providing literature and everything else in Latin. But the fact remains. De-Russification was total, but the Kremlin didn’t make a peep about this, but someone already broke in with his “protection Russian-speaking”, but did not dare, but invasion plans have not gone away. In any case, one of them, and never climbed with the protection of Ukrainian, Turkic or citiations of the population. They have no one took the territory, and they climb everywhere, where a sense of impunity.

The second point stems from the first. All these miracles have never received a clear and tough response of Europe. Because the States has weakened its influence on Europe in General and in particular — the military impact, in fact, the palm moved to Berlin. Germany had shaped the tone of the response to military actions of the Russian Federation. As we know, Berlin has consistently pursued a policy of giveaway. The maximum that he is able to freeze the fighting.

Thanks to Germany’s position we have hot or smoldering conflicts in the area shown plus Karabakh and the Balkans for centuries the perimeter of the ulcer, which now is called Serbia. At least there was one World War and only the weakness of Russia had not yet resulted in a major war, and had a chance to turn into the World.

Right now, when States are defined the order of providing arms to Ukraine, to repel the aggression of the Russian Federation, from Berlin voices calling to freeze the war with a prescription Georgia or Moldova. That is, the leadership of Germany in Europe has not led to the solution of any military conflict, behind the scenes, which was Russia. Given the history of Germany in 30-x — 40-ies, there is not just a policy of the flow around sharp corners, because this may be justified in the individual case, but not in the case of successive military aggression of one country against all new and new victims of the attack.

It is time to call a spade a spade. Germany has more than 20 years has encouraged Russian aggression. Not just encourages, but also funds. Even when the evidence of aggressive intentions in Europe has become undeniable that Germany is not willing to give up deals with Russia, which is the main source of financing of aggression. You have to understand that most of the civilians killed in Ukraine and now Syria, lost their lives on the money of Germany. And considering the admission of Gazprom to the Opal gas pipeline, Berlin and henceforth continues to Fund main European aggressor.