Putin comes to Libya, respecting the old agreements with Gaddafi

Was the famous route from Tunisia to Egypt, a contract worth billions in the hands of the Italian company Impregilo. Was also the railway Sirt-Benghazi 550 km of new tracks, the absolute priority for Libya, and $ 2.2 billion was to go into the pockets of the Railways. It was the agreement of Libya under the leadership of Muammar Gaddafi, the ruler, in charge of the Treasury 40 billion barrels of oil, yielding him an income of 50 to 100 billion dollars a year, depending on commodity prices.

Now close to Italy, biting their elbows because of the transactions applied to the smoke after the Arab spring, the civil war and the tragic death of the Libyan dictator, was also injured Vladimir Putin’s Russia. In addition to the agreement on the railroad, Moscow has signed billions of dollars in transactions in the military sector for the sale of military helicopters, fighter aircraft “Sukhoi”, the modernization of the old “MiG-23”. The agreements were in the energy sector — the expansion of power grids in the oil sector, which Gaddafi has tried to diversify with a variety of powers — European (led by Italy), as well as with Russia and China to be less dependent on Western technology.


Moscow, however, decided to return to what is still possible to return. To the aggressive strategy in the military sphere, when the gun comes secretly the ally of Russia, the Caliph Haftarot from Egypt and the UAE, despite the embargo imposed by the UN, Putin added an equally strong policy in the field of trade and was sent to Cyrenaica to his trusted man, Lion Money, to lead a contact group with the task “to reactivate the contract.” It is unknown how the government, as in Libya, three of them, but, of course, under the guise of the armed forces, subordinate to the dictator of Cyrenaica.

As explained by Money in an interview with the newspaper “Kommersant”, the Kremlin plans to “return to the status quo prevailing before the revolution 2011” and reaffirm all agreements signed with the sector “transport, energy and many other” war. In addition to the agreement on the construction of the first Libyan Railways, there is another one almost ready the agreement for the implementation of nuclear power plants, intended for peaceful purposes only, modeled on one that was built in Iran. At the moment, however, Russia must settle for much more modest deals. The trade is not carried out for several years, was revived last year for the paltry sum of 74 million. However, in February the state oil company “Rosneft” signed a contract for the purchase of raw materials from the Libyan National oil Corporation, Noc. POS produces “easy” oil of the highest quality, in which the interests of even such large producers of raw materials as Russia.

As for contract renewal, according to Money, be it oil “guarantees payment”. In an interview, however, a trusted Putin also spoke on political topics. For example, about the trust relationship to government Fayeza al-Zarraga, “coordinate the fight against ISIL” (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia — approx. ed.) in Sirte. Money is also outspoken about the role of tribes, especially in the South of the country: “They play a very important role and is ready to cooperate with Russia,” this means that the first contacts have already taken place.

The South, divided between the tribes of the Tuareg, tebu and Bedouin Arabs, is a weak spot of the Haftarot, who failed to get there with their troops: it was not enough conquest administrative centre of the Fezzan Sabha, his army was at the center of the bloodshed in the occupied barely the airbase, 60 km to the North of the city by Islamic militants from Misrata and their local allies.

The Haftarah remains the main ally of Moscow, but not the only one. He speaks Russian as his key staff members, and experiencing, according to Money, “a certain nostalgia for Russia”. However, Russian is now eyeing the possibility of an agreement with al-Barragem, which protects the President of France Emmanuel macron: “If elections will take place and will finally be elected legitimate government (and now none of the parties in such a status does not have), then you can put in the UN security Council the issue of lifting the arms embargo”. For Moscow, this step would become the opening of the Libyan Eldorado.