Mr trump! That’s why You should come to Finland

A letter to the President

Dear President trump, You should come to Finland.

Yeah, sounds pretty straightforward. But You seem to be someone who appreciates the art of direct statements. In this respect, You have a lot in common with the Finns. No guff, no bombastic words, and we ourselves are like.

I know that You adhere to the principle of “America first!”, but, in the end, You still have to go to other countries. It should be presidents, and I am sure that You want to look presidential. So the first country where You should go is Finland. It is in Europe, in the North.

Why Finland? Because Finland is the best country in the world. Best. This is not fiction: we have statistics that can confirm this. Take a look at the list compiled by the statistical centre of Finland, Statistics Finland. In Finland we have excellent experts for statistics. Simply superb.

According to numerous international surveys, Finland is the most stable state, the safest state, the country with the best government, free media, independent judicial system and better social development throughout the world.

Don’t get me wrong. I agree that “America the great”. I just want to say that because You are going to “make America even greater,” Finland could give You a couple of recommendations: how to create independent media and a society with equal rights, how to make the laws respected. If You’re interested.

Finland is something else. Something amazing. No one better than Finland does not know how to deal with Russia. No. War, pressure, espionage, whatever — we know what to do. During the cold war, Russian came to get involved in our democratic elections and chose our President — and we just continued to carry on with their business. Great story, and sounds very modern.

Not always smoothly, to be honest with You. We did not like when the Russians tried to capture us. So we stopped them. Finland is a country which I do not like to be conquered. And then we did something else: Finland invaded the Soviet Union. It was really Grand, for such a small Finland to a huge Soviet Union. But at the time, and we had this idea — “to make Finland great again”.

Yes, we would not be able to take this step without the help of the Nazis. And in the end nothing came of it. But how many countries can say that they invaded the Soviet Union? Not so much. America here can’t.

I’m not saying that America should invade Russia. Please, don’t. Okay? I’m just saying that we have 1340 kilometres of common border with Russia, and that we are strong and independent, having a good time. And, please note, no walls!

The Russians never in life would not pay its construction.

Now we have one person who knows best how to deal with Russia. This is our President, Mr. Sauli Niinistö (Sauli Niinistö).

President Niinistö would be important for You contact, You should definitely make friends. He’s OK with Vladimir Putin. They talk on the phone, chatting, Dating. Putin went to Finland last summer, and this year Niinistö is scheduled to meet with him at least twice. Yes, some my mother rarely see.

As the newspaper wrote, in a telephone conversation Niinistö told You, Mr. President, that he had “exclusive relationship” with Putin. Whatever it meant (because we honestly wanted to know), I’m sure that President Niinistö is the person with whom You should meet if You want to understand Putin.

Niinistö also likes to write in Twitter, although he is MUCH more BORING than You.

So there are a lot of reasons to come to Finland. And I’m not done yet.

Now I will say something about direct elections. I know that You do not want to discuss this topic. But that’s okay, it’s not just You, it happens to everyone. Well, at least with the leaders who are elected democratically. Some voters really want to vote for another candidate.

Even our President Niinistö been in a similar situation. Of course, it was not so serious as You and Hillary (Hillary Clinton) — because she had significantly more votes than You. But a few years ago and Niinistö got the full. With him his candidacy for the presidency has exposed a gay environmentalist who was particularly interested in achieving peace in Africa. This man enjoyed great success in Finland. Someone voted for Niinistö, someone-gay environmentalist with a special interest in establishing peace in Africa. Our nation is split.

But look at President Niinistö now! It is supported by almost 90% of people. I think only the leader of North Korea figures would have been better if there was such a rating. You know what I mean? President Niinistö will be able to throw You a few ideas on how to become a President for all. President of the people.

Of course, I didn’t say the most important thing. Finnish women are gorgeous. They are just amazing. You must have seen how they took part in the March (in Helsinki was held “March of women” against the election trump for President — approx. TRANS.). A huge crowd gathered.

You’ve already been to Finland. Remember 1992? Your business in Atlantic city, as the marriage with Ivana (Ivana Zelníčková, the first wife trump), has cracked. You came to Finland with Marla maples (Marla Maples, second wife of trump) to buy a cruise liner. What a shame the deal never took place. But everyone deserves a second chance, isn’t it? And Finland, too. We still build ships that large, if You or Your sons are interested. How about liners Trump Cruises? Just tossed the idea.

Well, the last. President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) never came to Finland. He was in Sweden and even in Estonia. But during the eight years of his term he never visited in the best country in the world with the most popular President who knows how to behave with Russia.

I just think that You want to be everything Obama is not.

So, Mr. President, if You’re going, I suggest You come to Finland in the summer. Summer is better, less slush. I also heard that Putin can also come in the summer in Finland.

You can call in advance, just email Twitter.