Donbass, Crimea and then bidding impractical

Ukraine under any circumstances, should insist on the simultaneous solution of problems of Donbass and the Crimean problem, because the reason in both cases is that Putin’s policy, revanchism and Imperial ambitions that threaten Ukraine and worldwide.

In Germany (the Commissioner of the German government for cooperation with Russia Gernot Erler believes that you must first concentrate on solving the bloody conflict in Eastern Ukraine and then back to annexed Crimea — approx. ed.) that have a different vision, and tactically look at the situation differently, believing that Russia should be drawn into any negotiations. For what? To buy time to strengthen Ukraine, and to Deplete Russia with sanctions.

In the West believe that the negotiations themselves — this is the result. We have the same every time there are some negotiations in Minsk or in Europe — always expecting that the war would end, or something like that. But it is not happening. We believe that this is bad, but in the West think and that’s good, that is, the fact of the meeting of diplomats — is already positive. Because the West is convinced: when diplomats say, the guns are silent.

And to ensure the negotiations process, Putin needed to provide various incentives. Like, if we talk this time, we will be able one topic to discuss, but not the second. So supposedly there room for negotiation or compromise.

We have heard from the West said about the need to reset relations with Putin, that there are things not to say, however, about which you can speak, but later. What we are seeing now is just the next wave, saying, you can first talk about the Donbass, and the Crimea.

So, this is done in order to draw Putin in talks, which the West believes is also a result. Ukraine should understand it, but to insist on. And, remember, all the years until there is a war, Ukraine is very clearly taking the position. In the end, Russia gets sanctions, and we get help. Ukraine is important to continue to convincingly show Russia as the aggressor country. Everything should work at this. Any weakening of the does not strengthen but weakens this message. In this case, it turns out that we supposedly say that, they say, that here Russia — is a bit of an aggressor, and here, a little less the aggressor.

Ongoing diplomatic game: the West is trying to play “good COP”, and Ukraine needs to play bad. We must therefore show that Russia is the violator and the invader. This is the moment which must remain consistent position, despite what anyone says in the West. Because technically, no one denies that and says that Crimea is not Ukrainian.

Formally, the West does not deny the Ukrainian position. He just has a different tactical approach. And I don’t think that if we insist on stringent solution to the issue of Russia, we will lose the support of the Western partners. Rather, we get less support if we don’t insist on it.