Does the government of Georgia is the plan for the return of the occupied territories? Unfortunately, there is no

Georgia’s consistent policy explanation for the fact that Russia is occupier and occupied two regions of Georgia. Naturally, Georgia does not have sufficient military resources to regain the occupied territories, but at the same time, Georgia does everything in a diplomatic field that the status of the occupied territories has been recognized by the world.

If we take the resolution on those regions, from year to year a growing number of countries that voted against Russia and for Georgia in this matter. I think this is a great merit of our diplomatic corps. Although, however, you need to take into account the fact that Russia itself over the years put himself in that position. Of course, the support of Georgia in this issue has grown because more and more countries begin to understand what Russia’s foreign policy today.

The strategy for the return of the occupied territories is quite simple. We understand that the military means these areas are now impossible to return. Thus, the question is, how true is this strategy on the integration of the population of these territories. The population of these territories gets free medical care, can use any benefits. Moreover, Georgia has two official languages, Georgian and Abkhaz. How effective this policy of integration, it is ineffective, because the propaganda machine is so serious that the population of the occupied territories, non-ethnic Georgians, quite hostile to Georgia.

In terms of the return of the territory, I think that without a systemic crisis in Russia, which sooner or later will come when Moscow will not be able to interfere in the internal Affairs of Georgia, to return the territories impossible. But once the crisis occurs, and judging by the many factors it is not far off, the Georgian government should have a very clear plan for the return of territories. How this happens is a question for the future. As to whether the government of Georgia on plan today, not is, unfortunately. I believe that a fairly toothless policy towards the occupied regions, where elites who are quite hostile to Georgia, they rather harm than help Georgia in the future.