Why is aging rapidly, the skin around the eyes: causes and ways to rectify the situation

Understand that wrinkles are inevitable. But still want to delay the unpleasant event, and to ensure that they were formed as late as possible. The main reason for the emergence of persistent folds in the skin is insufficient the body’s production of collagen – a special protein (protein), durable and at the same time elastic enough. That is, the collagen fibers form the skeleton of the skin. When due to various reasons, the synthesis of new collagen slows down, you have to look for a particular method, how to remove wrinkles under the eyes, reports silazdorovya.ru.

  • Why is aging rapidly, the skin around the eyes and on the face

You need to constantly care for the skin, especially around the eyes, the aging process is accelerated by the impact of various adverse factors:

  • sun, heat, cold, wind, rain and snow drain a person and cause the appearance of the first cosmetic defects;
  • the lack of fresh clean air, unbalanced nutrition, disorders of the digestive organs, liver, pollution of the body with toxins and impurities, ignoring the need for regular periodic cleansing of the body cause the necessity of searching ways how to get rid of wrinkles and other cosmetic defects on the face and throughout the body;
  • bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of routine, stress, overwork, lack of sleep, Smoking and alcohol cause the appearance of wrinkles at a young age;
  • incorrect inept face care, the use of cheap or inappropriate cosmetics, especially in the case of dry skin may also cause the need to remove the defect; the emotionalism, the need frequently and rapidly Express feelings when heavily used facial expressions. And, oddly enough, used the language of communication. According to scholars, the English language compared to Russian requires more intensive work of the facial muscles. Thus, in the “risk group” are engaged in the sphere of oral translation into English;
  • excessive eye strain, causing the need to constantly “blink” or frown promotes the formation of wrinkles on the forehead and bridge of nose;
  • the habit of sleeping on too high pillow. In this case, the head receives less nutrients, it is worse supplied with blood and oxygen, which contributes to premature facial aging. Those who are accustomed to sleeping on your back, the pillow should not be too high. In the case of the habit to sleep on your side, the pillow still need to night bleeding neck.
    • How to remove wrinkles under eyes with proper nutrition

    To prevent wrinkles the body needs to produce enough collagen. At first glance, to take special drugs that stimulate the body’s synthesis of this substance. On the other hand, before you decide to accept drugs received even from natural ingredients, it is better to study this issue, not to cause harm.

    The more familiar and natural way to remove the cosmetic defect is to include in the diet foods that contain collagen. The list is fairly extensive and there are plenty to choose from: seaweed is as a source of collagen and iodine. Adequate supply of this trace mineral is necessary for the improvement of memory and attention; a variety of meat products, especially Turkey meat, are a source of collagen. The Turkey meat also contains carnosine, causing the collagen retains its properties for much longer; fatty fish species rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, 6 and 9; salads of tomato, carrot, cabbage and parsley and dill; adequate intake of vitamin C required for collagen synthesis. Vitamin C is found in sweet peppers, citrus fruits, rose hips. Rich in vitamin C blueberries.


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    Daily intake of fresh blueberries – straight from the freezer, pre-enough moment to hold them in warm water – strengthens the capillaries of the eyes, increases blood flow to the retina, causing vision is noticeably sharper. And, so, this product allows you to squint less, it helps get rid of wrinkles under the eyes. Blueberries not only necessary to generate a sufficient amount of collagen, but also for the prevention of visual impairment among school and University students working long hours at the computer.

    • How to remove wrinkles under eyes home remedies

    A wonderful remedy for wrinkles around the eyes – a constant concern for proper hydration of the skin because the sebaceous glands are very small. Effective folk remedy that you can use to moisturize – aloe Vera juice. Fresh juice can’t be diluted and apply with gentle movements. Do it better than the pads of the ring finger, they are just softer.

    Alternatively, to remove the defect with a special gel based on aloe Vera. It is desirable that the gel was fabricated cold treatment – “stabilization” and is not hardenable by heat treatment, filtration, preservation and pasteurization. Raw materials have to serve the flesh of the plant, not the leaf skin. Of course, the gel should not contain dyes and preservatives.