Made a mess

Facebook, Google, iPhone and even the Internet itself emerged and developed in the USA. If we are interested in them, to pretend that the US does not concern us — it is impossible. What’s more — the rest of the world looks at US as a country, which can take an example or, at least, actions which they can justify their actions. The course Donald trump in relation to IT is radically different from what did Barack Obama. More interesting to look at what he had done in the first 100 days of presidency. Right or not, but it concerns the end of us.

1. Internet service providers Internet

The new leadership of the Federal communications Commission (FCC) of the United States is unable or unwilling to confront the telecommunications business. The result? In the first months of the Board trump the FCC had passed two bastions of the Obama administration. First, virtually destroyed the concept of “net neutrality”, allowing American service providers to prioritize traffic any way they want. Second, it allowed American service providers to sell Internet history of its users.

That is, the us providers, if they wish, can now legally your score, as their client, the communication channel of major services like YouTube and Netflix, and everything else (including torrents) leave ten percent. And then sell the story of your adventures in the Internet also Google to improve its advertising. And anything it for it will not.

2. America — Americans

The strength of the U.S. Internet industry was including that she was like a vacuum cleaner “sucking” talent from around the world. For small countries like Latvia is perhaps bad, but globally for humanity to progress, it was very good. Well, trump seems willing to change that.

In the first 100 days of the presidency, Donald trump has managed to lay the foundations of what many American media called “culture of fear”. He banned the entry of visitors from a number of Muslim countries began the deportation of illegal migrants (even otherwise law-abiding, what if Obama was not) and still he’s determined to build a wall between USA and Mexico.

Actions trump was forced to unite the largest us IT companies, because it is obvious (and hints already was) that the next victim will be the programme of work visas H-1B, in which the American IT industry “imports” talents. And while not canceled, and not changed, the main trump had already achieved the appearance of a feeling of uncertainty everyone who was going or is going to immigrate to the United States.

3. Third world war — “Twitter”

Becoming President of the United States Donald trump for the first 100 days have not left a habit to broadcast on Twitter what he thinks. More precisely — not learned not to openly vilify politicians, journalists, media, companies, leaders of foreign countries. In the famous list of the offended trump via Twitter, compiled by The New York Times, more than 320 entries.

Diplomacy is a delicate thing, most of it happens behind closed doors. In the public space of the country can exchange barbs and Troll each other, but they openly insult each other, only standing on the brink of war. Anyway, that was the last 300-400 years.

Here and Barack Obama, as well as most of the leaders and foreign Ministers of the developed world used social media to Express good wishes and messages of good news. It is inconceivable that he, like trump, wrote there “North Korea apparently wants” or “If China can help, great. If not — do without them!”.

Today Donald trump with their overly explicit posts in the “Twitter” to provoke other leaders in the response and, perhaps, not quite adequate actions. If you want to get the message about the beginning of world war III right on your smartphone, configure receiving notifications about new publications in the two sources of the application according to Twitter Donald trump. Alas, this is not a joke.

4. Nuclear winter — global warming

The previous conclusion is especially true in light of the fact that Donald trump held in the oval office just 100 days, and already canceled and global warming, and the process of reducing the stockpile of nuclear weapons on the planet.

Alas, if global warming it’s only limited to this, may not be disaster, but trump managed to show a supporter of bigots who do not believe in science, in principle. He also “frees up” some projects the oil and coal industry in the USA, the implementation of which will cause irreparable damage to the nature of the country. He also effectively destroyed the Agency for environmental protection of the United States, appointing as its head a man who in principle do not believe that human activity affects the temperature of the planet.

However, four years of ignoring the problem of global warming (at this point, according to the ratings, trump is not re-elected) — that’s not so bad. Worse than that is the fact that Donald trump has already urged South Korea and Japan to acquire its own nuclear Arsenal. It is, perhaps, still is not a starting gun on a new nuclear arms race. But it perfectly shows the attitude of the tramp nuclear weapons in principle.

If the world will be covered with explosions of nuclear warheads, there will be no more Facebook, no IPhone, not even us.