L’express (France): scientists have counted 36 of extraterrestrial civilizations in the milky Way

Is there life beyond Earth? It sounds like science fiction, but it can be a reality. According to a study conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Nottingham (UK) and published June 15 in the “Astrophysical journal”, the milky way galaxy may indeed have “about thirty of intelligent civilizations.”

“The question of reasonable and capable of communicating extraterrestrial civilizations will always remain speculation, until proven instances of the specific detection, warn scientists involved in the study. “But this does not mean that we are unable to offer their model”.

At least 6 of 120 years to establish contact

According to scientists, based on the proposed models, in the milky Way galaxy may be located at least 36 of extraterrestrial civilizations. “The nearest of them is at a maximum distance of 17,000 light years, making the relationship with her and its detection is almost impossible with modern technology,” they claim.

To come to such results, scientists have suggested that life beyond Earth evolves the same way in the time scale of about 5 billion years. In the end, given the distance at which these civilizations may be, to establish bilateral ties will take at least 6 120 years, they say.

Under the toughest scenario, the minimum number of extraterrestrial civilizations will be equal to 8. “The nearest of them is presumably at a maximum distance of 50 000 light-years. This will require 6 300 years for the activities of SETI (Search for extraterrestrial civilizations and the entry into contact with them) to find her.” And in accordance with the detailed scenario of greatest uncertainty should be at least 2 900 of extraterrestrial civilizations.