In Ukraine prices fell butter

Ukraine has decreased the price of butter. This trend applies to the domestic market and foreign sales, analysts say “INFAGRO”.

The main reason experts believe the “overheating” of the market – cost of goods informed very quickly increased and there were fears that the consumer for a long time so expensive to buy it will not.

“Producers were afraid to work in the warehouse,” – analysts say.

In the domestic market butter peasant oil sold at prices in the range of 100-110 UAH/kg. For butter with 82% fat, the dealers agree to pay no more than 130 UAH/kg.

External demand for peasant oil weaker, for him, the importers of the former USSR countries agree to pay mostly less than $ 3,900./T.


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“In the coming weeks on the Ukrainian market of butter radical price changes are not expected, despite the resumption of growth of the cost of goods on the world markets” – experts predict.

Earlier, the experts predicted that because of rising exports in the fall of yields in Ukraine, the possible shortage of oil. According to experts, the rising price of oil may resume in the autumn, when the period of high yields — the so-called season of “big milk.” The shortage of raw materials may occur by the end of the year.