Poroshenko broke the life of 20-year-old boy

Alexander Sica became known throughout the country three years ago. Then, during the inauguration of President Petro Poroshenko’s 20-year-old hour of honor of the presidential regiment from the heat suddenly swayed, and dropped the carbine and fell unconscious right before passing in front of him by the President.


At that time, the soldiers called the incident a good omen — Herald of the imminent end of the war in the East. But for him, everything turned tragic. From the presidential regiment Sica fired, and doctors discovered he had a serious kidney disease. The “news” tracked down the guy and found out what happened to the ex-guard.

Does every work


After Sika became ill in the heat during the inauguration of Poroshenko, they were examined in a military hospital. There doctors discovered the guy has kidney disease and heart problems, but to treat did not. Discharged and dismissed from the army. During the year, the disease from the acute form has passed in chronic. On re-examination in the Cherkasy regional hospital the family of ex-presidential guard regiment had to borrow money from friends and neighbors. The treatment for the soldier over.


After leaving the army, guy returned to Kiev, got a job in a printing house, where he met with the civil wife 21-year-old Valentina Levchenko. But since all the money went on housing, he decided to return to his native Shenderivka and called Valentina.

However, the life of a young family in the village proved to be quite difficult. “I’m from Brovary for Sasha left here in the village for me there is no work. Dad released me and said, “Well, if love — go, he’s a good guy”. While helping Sasha’s mother on the farm, in the garden — she’s had a tough one, and heart worries. She laments that the son left the service completely healthy, and now his whole life upside down, money to cure it we have. I was offered the store salesperson to work in a neighboring village, I really wanted, but getting nothing back, the last bus leaves at five o’clock, and work till ten, had to be abandoned,” — said the “news” Valentina Levchenko.


According to the wife of the soldier, fainting and pain in the kidneys do not stop it. The doctors say that you need to go on full examination, but money is the family no. “He works hard from early morning until late at night. He was not allowed to lift heavy, long standing and to be in the sun. But does every job in the village have to offer. Never complains,” continues Valentine.

In its conclusion the doctor said that the disease was the result of pneumonia. He was picked up during the service. Doctors warned: let go, get kidney failure.


The service said reluctantly


Today about the incident three years ago, the ex-guard prefers not to remember, the guys in the service too does not communicate. That is he dropped the carbine to the President, Valentina told four months later life together. However, after the history with the inauguration Sasha became a local celebrity.


“His friends told me, saying, you were with him because he’s a celebrity, and I didn’t even know that he dropped the carbine. He worries that he did not work with the service, recalled how he wanted to serve further as a form he liked. But now we are trying this is not to say that.”