Horoscope for August 6-12: the Eclipse of the moon and Sun will bring a big change

In connection with the eclipses of the moon (Aug 7 21:22) and the Sun (21 August), the events from July 23 to September 6, karmically motivated. Reap what is sown – each individual sphere. This echo situations 8-10 years ago affects present circumstances and our development. Brewing crisis of consciousness, which will have something to put an end, to break off relations or on the contrary – unite and begin a new life in a progressive environment.

This time, shock of surprises, in connection with the manifestation of secret information, hitherto hidden. Pandora’s box will open, conflicts, scandals reached a peak. Be reasonable, the emotional tension builds, pushing to extravagant actions. Make important decisions rashly contraindicated.
Avoid reboots, the fatigue, the abuse of power, physical and mental stress that accumulates for a long period of time the disharmony of mind, body and spirit are the cause of fatal illnesses, which are now manifest in all its “glory.”

Attention Leos, Aquarians, Taureans, Scorpions, Koorogi: mobilize to “reset” your living river is destined to make a sharp turn.

ARIES. Less focus on social issues, the fate of friends and establish personal life with the missus. Their feelings breathe in the incense, so your task – to make maximum effort of the heart to ignite those embers, to preserve the Union and to enjoy marital happiness.

In business and career in the near future, possibly reformatting, change of professional course.

TAURUS. Recklessly homemakers, economically distribute power to everywhere – at home and at work. The chief has seven Fridays in the week. If business and career is not good – here the prospects are vague, up for the official Olympus not go and work in the role of a subordinate, in good faith, the main and additional obligations. The main thing – to support the love and care family home, is the key to personal happiness. What is required at this stage.
The desire to go abroad take it away.

GEMINI. Idealizing people based on their worldview, you choose the wrong path. Get “noodles on ears”. In fact, its own worldview – the objective, without hypocrisy, distortion. Trust personal feelings, thoughts, and implement their ideas. Fanatical interest in something is a trigger of spiritual development, creative impulse. Replenish stock of knowledge, your awareness needs to be infinite – from neighborhood gossip to the latest scientific achievements.

Strengthen your heart with the missus live in love, harmony, zartes and not someone else’s.

CANCERS. You adorable puppies, you should tune in to the generosity, please give, otherwise profit the fate of the block. And if someone pities to give a “last year’s snow”, get in the way of some misers, it is a sign that you took too much, or someone is owed (morally, financially, energetically). And forgotten. Do not try to borrow. When you do not return the borrowed – remember, it is the property of karmic creditors.

Quarrels on the subject of “mine is yours”, conflicts with business or marriage partners are irreversible destruction.

LIONS. Your place on the battle front, where there is a fierce struggle for their own interests. Who is not with you is against you. Yesterday’s allies are turned into enemies, throw away! Part, tear, partnership bonds that drain you spiritually, financially or energetically.

This year you are the leader and the commander on all fronts. Play up, to dance to the tune of others – harm destiny for the next 10 years. On the service front, get ready to change.

VIRGO. It is time to leave! Stop working so hard, slow down, and otherwise undermine health. However, by coincidence, will have to give up for more work powers. Happily throw this hateful plough, and delve into interesting creative work for the soul. Any activity that inspires, brings spiritual fruits, is the greatest happiness, and you will see for yourself.

At the same time engaged in family philanthropy. Alms to the needy is mercy for bad behavior. Look back and analyze where I have sinned.

In the sphere of love and the fate of children beginning to change, you will transform a new love, or will Wake up old.

LIBRA. You a barometer of social events, doing the “weather” in society. Now you – the figure of a charismatic, influential, beloved and cherished, where all doors are open. Unite under the banners of trusted friends, breathing the same air with you, and implement the plans. Enough to make a big fuss over yesterday’s romantic favorites, they are a brake on development.

In the family changes, bet in-law, daughters-in-law, they are now destined to steer.

SCORPIONS. Enough to strive on economy, bogged down in everyday life, switch to global businesses, ahead of the exciting prospects in business, career, fulfilling their professional callings. It laid the basis for 18.5 years. If the household is “privatized”, break the shackles, otherwise you will miss Golden time and going overboard.

Be merciful and compassionate to people, now you have the perfect opportunity to clear his conscience, to repent of the errors, to restore mental and physical health. Any limitations to take with joy, they are good.

ARCHERS. Stay away from casual Dating, do not put your nose in someone else’s millet, filter information, the role of a walking encyclopedia-disastrous. Now the sphere of your interests, spiritual, religious. Think of life through a philosophical prism, then fate will send persons of high spiritual culture, which manage to befriend and reach a higher level of perfection. The role of the fraternal “company” key.
Passion desires, uncontrollable, extremely dangerous.

CAPRICORNS. In the temple of your soul quarrel between “give” and “take” is invalid. There must be only a compromise of interests, as is karmic payback for a long time – as for the mismanagement, and taken to excess resources of others (moral, material, energy).

Pay on time, share your expertise, achievements. Loss not regret it for the benefit of, and is the result of a fair arbiter of fate.

Strive to career take-off, the powers that you in favor. Maximum luck to those who are engaged in favourite business, fulfilling a calling.

Globally now there is a radical restructuring of the personality, which is reflected in all plans—internal and external.

AQUARIANS. You have a tremendous invisible power, wisdom, but do not flaunt it or even worse command. The rules of the game dictated by the environment, partners, allies. Them and perform. Then open lucky chances and life will change for the better. Attention to the singles, do not miss the offer of his hand and heart. To find a couple to be sure. You thread, look for your needle. Independent navigation is the path of spiritual degradation.

FISH. You will tense labor watch, work is not slack, and sweat with creative fire, then the disease will go away. In the work “the blast furnace” burn all the stressful toxins accumulated for a long time. Because labour brings happiness, pleasure and good income.

With the secret affair should finish, hide the amorous arrows. There is a risk that it will become the object of public exposure.