In Murmansk has dramatically increased the number infected: “I Hope the border will remain closed” (NRK, Norway)

In Russia is still very much infected. For some only the last day in the country was 124 deaths from coronavirus and 6 of 234 new patients.

In the Murmansk region, which borders with the Eastern Finnmark, ill 162 people.

In the last month the number of cases in this region is constantly growing. From July 7 daily record from 150 to 200 new cases, whereas in the beginning of June, this figure ranged from 30 to 50 people.

What caused such a serious growth is not exactly clear. The Governor of the Murmansk region Andrei Chibis said recently that, in his opinion, the main reasons for the spread of the infection among members of families and good weather, where people spend more time outside the home.

Many, however, reacted to the referendum which the authorities have been in the midst of the epidemic. Criticized and parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II, but the Governor this view is not shared.

“I hope this year the border will not open”

Shortly before 12 Mar Norway closed the border, on the Russian side it was crossed from 250 to 500 people daily.

Since then, the border crossing at Storskog movement is very small — almost nobody rides in Norway and not to leave her. Cross the border mostly sailors — usually no more than 10 people a day.

Now the Norwegian border is closed to foreigners without a residence permit, but is open to those who have it, as for the Norwegians.

In the border district of Finnmark Sør-Varanger live many Russians who are now very short visits by family and friends. Among them William Seastrand (William Sjøstrand), who had moved to town 25 years ago.

“I believe the border should remain closed as long as necessary,” says Seastrand.

Many of his relatives and friends live in Russia, but, in his opinion, to open the border right now is impossible.

“I don’t like that now the border is open for a few hours daily. It’s a risk for us living here.”

When the border can be opened, unknown

Only in Russia from the coronavirus died 12 124. Of the 146 million population contracted slightly less than 800 000.

Due to the epidemiological situation in Russia, the Ministry of health of Norway does not allow us to open the border with Russia completely, as with many European countries.

Although since may the number of infected in Russia declined slightly, this figure is still high, reported the Institute of public health NRK.

Neither the Institute of public health nor the Ministry of health does not want to speculate when it will be possible to lift restrictions on travel to the neighboring country.

“We opened the border, the epidemiological situation in Russia must be satisfactory and meet the criteria,” — said the state Secretary Anne Grethe Erlandsen (Anne Grethe Erlandsen).

Erlandsen also said that, in addition to the criteria established by the Institute of public health and the Ministry of health, it is important to wait for EU decisions.

“Then we can revisit this issue and make a decision regarding changes in recommendations on travel,” she added.

Consequences for Norway

Because of the limitations of many industries in the border town of Kirkenes suffered losses.

Among the most affected company Kimek. According to the General Director Mannsverk Greger (Greger Mannsverk), reduced 130 of the 160 employees, including those who worked in other parts of the country.

“The open border with Russia is important to us. That’s where we have most customers. We hope that by September, the situation will return to normal, but of course you need to remember that we are dealing with a pandemic,” says Landsverk.

In this I agree with him, Ann-Christine Emanuelson (Ann-Kristin Emanuelsen). She manages in Kirkenes store Sparkjøp and claims that about 30% of the turnover of the store ensure the Russian buyers.

“In the summer there is always not much Russian, but I suspect that in the autumn we will be in difficulty if the border will not open. Not to say that I now fear for the fate of the store, but the cause for much optimism, too, no,” she says.

NRK: what are you hoping For?

Ann-Christine Emanuelson: I hope the border will open, the coronavirus will disappear and everyone will be able to live as before.

“Border control is very important”

The district doctor of Troms and Finnmark Anne Grete Olsen (Anne Grethe Olsen) stresses the importance of border control.

“The risk of infection, of course, is, given that Russia is increasing the number of cases. It is therefore very important border control and compliance with the rules of quarantine,” says Anne Grete Olsen.

Before Norway on 15 July opened the border for many States, the police of Troms and Finnmark had expelled a number of violators. Probably they came to Norway via the border crossings with Finland, which opened June 15.