Ukraine faces new hacking: the cyber-police has named the date

In Ukraine on Independence Day August 24 is expected to cyber attack. In an interview with “Glavkom”, said the head of the Department of postal and telecommunications Sergey Demediuk

“We warn that it will be August 24, on Independence Day. We see that these attacks occur the day before or the day of some big holidays of Ukraine”, – he said.

Demeduk noted that in malicious software M.E.Doc there were a lot of items that are still not activated. “We still don’t know fully, what properties has the virus. We only have about 1.3 thousand official statements, where criminal proceedings have commenced”, he said.


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Sergey Demediuk stressed that even after the recent cyber attacks, only 10% of enterprises, both public and private, responded. All the rest have not taken any security measures.

As reported, on June 27 the Ukrainian banks, government Internet resources and local network has undergone a massive hacker attack, which spread the virus Petya.A that locks computer systems. It is estimated that the hacker attacks may have been incapacitated to 10% of private, government and corporate computers in Ukraine.