Design appropriate, stylish and outstanding

Many consider themselves a little bit designer, or a connoisseur of design. But can the ordinary people and to go beyond the scale of “like-dislike”? Indeed, a strong evaluation design is a professional opinion. In the field of interior design most famous award is the Red Dot Product Design Award. This is a prestigious competition, which annually several dozens of authoritative and experienced judges select the winners from over 5000 entries from 50 countries.

To one award in this competition – a huge accomplishment, and what can we say about such cases, as with the Lenovo, which in 2016 received 18 awards Red Dot.

And this is not the case when the opinions of everyday users and professionals disagree. Confirmation of this is the global popularity of the computer technology Lenovo.

What is the secret to successful design today? It is developed for users. Lenovo follows this path, constantly wondered how to use her device, what new features need to be implemented in the next generation to meet the new needs of people in the modern world.

Here are 5 major trends that incorporate designers Lenovo:

1. The busy schedule of travel.

All the more time users spend on the move and therefore the PC should be reliable, portable companion. This is one of the main wishes of the users, which greatly influenced the design of all PC Lenovo.

2. Focus on the style.

When buying a new device, the appearance is in the TOP 3 selection criteria immediately after the performance and price. Many users consider the gadget as a manifestation of their style and unique taste. That’s why the appearance of devices such as Lenovo Yoga Miix 910 and 510, immediately attracts admiring glances.

3. Merging personal and professional life

Although you can often use multiple devices, but one personal computer is Central. The boundaries between work and personal life are erased, and the growing need for multi-functional device 2-in-1 as Miix 510, which delivers the performance of a PC and the portability of a tablet.

4. Games on PC

More and more users need high-performance graphics and processors, which is why Lenovo released laptop models that give players the maximum possible in a portable device.

5. More tasks, less time.

Life has become incredibly busy and any simplification is appreciated. Lenovo is constantly looking for ways to ease the daily tasks of users through solutions such as fast and convenient fingerprint scanner on the PC series of Yoga and other amenities in their products.

The key to successful design is in constant motion for the better in every aspect of the product to make it really intuitive, easy and visually bold. Extremely high expectations motivate the team Lenovo to develop products that meet the needs of their owners, exceed their expectations and become a Central element of their self-presentation.