The crusaders killed four million Muslims!

During the wars initiated by the West with the 1990-ies, at the territory of the Muslim world have killed more than four million people.

Last month an organization called “Doctors for social responsibility” with the centre in Washington published the results of a study that sheds light on the number of deaths among the civilian population ever since the United States initiated a “war against terrorism”. The number of civilians killed since the September 11 attacks, is from 1.3 to 2 million.


In a 97-page report, the doctors Nobel laureates analyze civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan after the direct intervention of the United States. Despite the fact that more or less accurate figures to identify so far failed, this study is an attempt to estimate the number of casualties among civilians the most reliable.

The report draws attention to earlier reports of civilian casualties, harsh criticism of the media mainstream. For example, the report mentions that, according to the media, civilian casualties in Iraq amount to 110 thousand, but, according to the “Physicians for social responsibility,” this figure is very far from the truth.

While from the beginning of the war in Iraq in the city of Najaf was reported only about 1354 deaths, the report reflected the information that in total, the region was buried 40 thousand people. A similar situation is typical for statistics on air strikes. The actual numbers — much higher number of air attacks reported.

The method used in the assessment of civilian casualties, as noted in the report of “Doctors for social responsibility”, largely erroneous and politicized. Many of the reports do not take into account the regions in which the level of violence is off the charts. Some reports are only unilateral data from such sources as the Ministry of health of Iraq. And in some reports the figures have been amended under US pressure.

According to “Physicians for social responsibility”, the number of civilians killed during the American intervention in Iraq, about a million. In Afghanistan, a loss level of about 220 thousand, Pakistan — 80 thousand. The report notes that these figures are based on the lowest performance, and actual civilian casualties exceed two million.

The first Western intervention in Iraq started with the Gulf war in 1991 and the continued sanctions against that country. It is assumed that this war and the sanctions caused the deaths of about 200 thousand civilians in Iraq. The number of civilians killed in the period after the war due to the sanctions, 1.7 million. Thus, the number of civilians killed in Iraq before the second war in 2003, reached two million. To date, civilian casualties exceeded three million.


It is assumed that the number of deaths due to the war in Afghanistan, which directly or indirectly continued the whole time in the background of the civil war that began after the departure of the Soviet Union, the seizure of power by the Taliban and the US intervention, ranging from 200 thousand to two million. A significant part of the losses of the civilian population in this country is not reflected in reports and the press.


© AFP 2017, Tanveer Javed Afghan Taliban in Farah province

During the use of sanctions against this country during the reign of the Taliban because of food shortages and disease killed thousands of civilians, most of them children. And during the US intervention in 2001 had killed large numbers of civilians. it is Reported that during night raids, random attacks, the U.S. military airstrikes, conducted with the use of unmanned aircraft and helicopters, the government forces supported by the United States are killed every day dozens of civilians. About civilian casualties in a country that has such a vast territory and isolated areas often do not even know.


In Pakistan, which has become a backyard of the US war in Afghanistan, civilian casualties is also an important issue. The tribal area where the Taliban continues its presence often become targets of us military aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. It is known that a significant portion of the victims of these attacks are civilians. On the other hand, attacks which the Pakistan army is carrying out in the region, with US support, also kill large numbers of civilians. Although it is reported that from the beginning of the “war against terrorism” in Pakistan killed 80 thousand civilians, the real numbers, as expected, much higher.

But not only USA is guilty of the deaths of civilians in wars conducted by the Western forces. Countries such as Russia, France, Britain — too rich track record in this respect.

The Caucasus

The war that erupted during the collapse of the Soviet Union, caused the greatest harm to the civilian population in the region, where for centuries had wielded the Russian. The number of civilians who lost their lives as a result of the conflict, which began with the First Chechen war in 1994, and since the beginning of the XXI century has become less intense — about 200 thousand. Severe bombing by Russia and the fact that many localities, especially Grozny, was virtually wiped off the face of the earth, is still fresh in the memory.


© RIA Novosti Igor Mikhalev | go to potencial terrible looks at burning houses


The participation of the United States and the UN in internal conflicts, which take place in this country for more than 30 years, has led to even greater civilian casualties. Reported cases of rape of civilians by peacekeepers of the UN in the region. The figures given for deaths among the civilian population in this country, amount to at least 300 thousand and 500 thousand reach.


It is assumed that in the civil war that emerged after the rise of the Islamic salvation front, and then a military coup, were killed 150 thousand civilians. We know that the army, which was supported by France, was involved in torture, killings against the civilian population. On the other hand, an important factor in the death of civilians were also Armed Islamic group (GIA), considered to be controlled by some intelligence agencies.


The civil war that took place in the center of Europe in the eyes of UN peacekeepers, is replete with cases of mass killings of civilians. Most of more than 50 thousand civilians who lost their lives in this region, are Bosnian Muslims. In Bosnia still found mass graves, where are extracted the remains of hundreds of victims.

In many regions, such as Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Palestine, wars initiated by Western forces killed many thousands of civilians. Along with the fact that for the international community, these deaths are nothing more than numbers, they are also very far from the truth. Real civilian casualties often remain a mystery.