Scientists have described a unique deathbed visions

Neuroscientists found something that we can all suicide vision all people: it is a tunnel, light and a sense of peace. But in every experience there is something unique, the website

“We found that deathbed visions of people may contain all or some of their typical elements and their order is often arbitrary. Despite the fact that some of the vision was characteristic of all people and was probably generated by the same processes, differences in the time of their appearance makes us wonder about how common they are for us,” says Charlotte Martial at the University of liège in an article published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.


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Now scientists believe that the dying experiences associated with the physiology. So, they are probably due to the lack of glucose and oxygen in the blood. Accordingly, the brain loses the necessary energy and begins to randomly generate images, thus responding to stress.

Scientists were able to study in detail 156 known cases of clinical death and to identify the main. It turns out that about 80% of dying was moving through the tunnel. 64% have talked with the spirits or all-consuming light that bore an unearthly love. Sometimes the dying have seen the future.