Salaries in Ukraine: where the pay is higher and will grow as incomes of Ukrainians

In Ukraine, the continuing growth of salaries. According to the state service statistics, over the year from June 2016 to June 2017 — earnings of employees increased by almost 40%, reaching an average of 7360 UAH without taxes. Increased and real wages, taking into account the rise in prices. Now on average earnings to buy 18.9% more than a year ago. At the same time, the experts call such figures are too perfect and they say that the SSS does not take into account the number of low-paid categories, such as market traders and small service, where wages are lower.

WHAT IS EARNED. As you can see from the infographic, the average salary in Ukraine for the year increased by 37.9%, or UAH 2023. Moreover, the growth across regions differs not much, hovering at around 1700-2200 UAH. Stand only rich Kiev, where wages increased the most (2541 UAH) and Luhansk region who have lost because of the occupation of a significant part of its prompotentsial, growth of salaries much less than the average, only 1296 UAH.

The capital of the leaders in terms of wages (UAH 11 091), followed by Donetsk (8144 UAH) and Kyiv (UAH 7645) region. The least paid in Kirovohrad and Luhansk regions, respectively, and 5938 5943 UAH. Third from the end is divided Ternopil and Chernihiv regions, where workers receive an average of 6008 UAH. Note that these two regions for the first time in three years just went up in ranking, losing to the last place in Kirovograd. And Lugansk region from the middle of the list, has slipped to last place.

EXPERTS. Economists say that the main reason for such high growth in earnings — increase from January 2017, mentorplace from 1600 to 3200 UAH. “Almost all this growth was achieved by raising mentorplace, the first jump occurred in December of 2016, when was the first rise in social standards, says economist Ivan Nikitchenko. — Secondly, during this period inflation amounted to 10% and the dollar increased by 5% (about 1.3 UAH), that is, wages act and rising prices. Until the end of the year wage growth will continue, albeit at a slower pace. At least, the average salary will be higher than 8 thousand UAH, and can reach 9 thousand”.

Agrees with him and the President Ukranalittsentra Alexander Ohrimenko, who added that the increase mentorplace in the public sector entailed the rates and in the private sector, accelerated rigid inspections of the tax. “Of course, a twofold increase in mentorplace plus an additional increase of salaries of doctors and teachers gave over half a great effect. In addition, now sneaks are primarily interested in the checks not income tax, as before, but real wages in the enterprises. Therefore, many businessmen have reduced and even refused payment in an envelope, especially where earnings are only slightly above the minimum. Until the end of the year, our Center expects to increase wages by 20%, or 8.8 thousand UAH”. Experts also note that the SSS stopped to consider the salaries of private entrepreneurs on a single tax, which, as a rule, show the minimum wage, and firms with fewer than ten employees (small service, transport). This is also arithmetically influenced the growth in average wages, adding an estimated 200-250 UAH.

IT IS ADVANTAGEOUS TO FLY AND PROGRAMMING. As for earnings by industry, then they, according to state Statistics, are more than 10 times. Traditionally, the most highly paid pilots — they go out an average of nearly 31 thousand UAH per month, or 4000 UAH more than a year ago. High salaries of pharmacists — 13 119 UAH (+UAH 2470), it people — 11 446 (+2140 UAH), and officials, including security officials — 9623 (+3550 UAH, the maximum growth). Less than all get postmen — 3646 UAH (+UAH 840) and caterers — 5053 UAH (+UAH 1470).

According to hr expert HR portal Tatyana Pushkinoj, these numbers are close to reality, but the IT – sphere, where they really are almost an order of magnitude higher, and catering, which are not considered tips. “11 thousand UAH gets the average system administrator, and programmer salaries are start from 15 thousand UAH. and can reach 100-150 thousand UAH. But since they are designed as physical persons-entrepreneurs, it is technically not a salary and payment for services performed and salary statistics is not taken into account, — explained Pashkina. According to our data, job offers increased this year on average by 25%, and salary expectations by 25-50%.

Above all, I appreciate their work the guards and insurance agents who want to get in 1,5 times (1,5—2 thousand UAH) more than the employer. Accountants please add 45% to the employer’s offer, marketing — 30%. It is objective, as, for example, in Kiev the average salary of 11 thousand UAH, and the guards offer 3-4 thousand.”