Merkel Macron: We can do it

Germany wants to have good relations with Russia and with English speaking world, but, actually, trust them she can’t. This opinion is shared by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Such recognition does not support her campaign for re-election, according to some observers, the goal in any case is more significant in its scope.

The statements of Merkel that “the time has passed when we could rely on others,” and that “Europeans must take their destiny in their own hands,” was made after the disastrous consequences of the President’s trip Donald trump in Europe. During his stay on the continent trump has not made a confirmation of obligations concerning common defense of the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In addition, he has not confirmed of America’s commitment in respect of the Paris agreement on climate. He also called Germany a “very bad” because she sells millions of cars in the United States (this is, incidentally, untrue). However, the internal context in which the statement is also very important.

Merkel spoke during a hot day in the beer tent during your stay in Bavaria, where his event was held, the Christian social Union (CSU), the Bavarian party, is closely related to the Merkel-led Christian democratic Union (CDU). Support from the leader of the CSU and Prime Minister of Bavaria Horst Seehofer (Horst Seehofer), whose views are much more right-wing than that of Merkel, is a key to longevity as a leader of Germany. Seehofer has repeatedly praised about trump because he remains true to his election promises. Unlike Merkel, Bavarian leader also believes that entered against Russia sanctions will be lifted.

Merkel made the statement — it was called “historic” by some German media to more closely match the active antithrombosis the sentiments of some parties of the left. The leaders of the extreme left parties of the “Left” and “Green” called trump a narcissist and a nationalist who cannot be a partner of Germany. Martin Schulz (Martin Schulz), the leader of the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) and the main rival of Merkel in the struggle for the post of the Federal Chancellor, defended, not hiding his anger, the German Chancellor from what he called “humiliating” treatment by trump. The Minister of foreign Affairs and member of the SPD, Sigmar Gabriel, also uses strong language, appealing to all those who are in opposition to Trump.

However, Merkel very few that can win politically by dividing the position of the left against trump. She can’t be more violent than they are, because of their positions. In addition, it is possible to avoid the need to create another coalition with the SPD, if it is — and such an option seems likely to win parliamentary elections in September, but in this case it will require the provision of assistance focused on the business community of the Free democratic party of Germany. Its leader Christian Lindner (Christian Lindner) is cautious and tends not to jeopardize the Alliance of Germany with the United States because of the bizarre antics of the tramp. “Irritation should not develop into a long-term estrangement,” he said.

Although the average German citizen is not inclined to trust more to the Tramp than Putin, Merkel is not going to play along with those feelings. The nature of her attractiveness in another. Although it has always received political points, staying above the fray and showing a pragmatic compromise, in this case, she decided to go atypical for a way to vent his frustration. Perhaps this decision was emotional — as the promise to close all nuclear power plants after the disaster in Fukushima, or as holding an open-door policy towards refugees in 2015. But most likely, this is the first step in the game that Merkel is going to start with a new and promising partner.

Merkel recently watched the sharp actions of the President of France Emmanuel Makron during a visit to trump’s duel in the field of handshakes, the deviation and the decision to welcome her before trump in the headquarters of NATO (the macron, in fact, spoke about this in Twitter) and daring the negotiation style of this young Frenchman. Macron once again demonstrated their fighting spirit on Monday during a meeting with Putin in Versailles — he brought up all the uncomfortable questions, and not allow the Kremlin propaganda media at the final press conference (Putin is “swallowed”). All this is far from a timid policy of françois Hollande, the master concessions. New man in France is not afraid to go on the offensive.

For the first time in many years, Merkel received a colleague, the negotiation style which is in addition to her own negotiation style. She, if necessary, can play a good COP and he was bad COP; he can discuss tough questions, and she gets the opportunity to defuse the tension. The Duo will check how it works on the most difficult opponent — Putin, — as the French and Russian leaders agreed to discuss Ukraine.

Merkel statement, not the former necessary in the context of its campaign in the country, perhaps, is a signal to the Macron, an invitation to try to move mountains. Germany and France today have this unusual opportunity. The directness of Macron and his reformist zeal combined with experience Merkel are a combination with great potential in the field of soft power and a mechanism in order to present Europe as an important global power, although this role the United States has been trying to retain. Merkel will not be able to do it alone — to the German power viewed with suspicion even on the European periphery, not to mention the rest of the world. Europe, in which France plays an equally significant role, is much less inconvenient narrative.

If this Duo will work (the Macron is required the success within the country), European Union, Eurozone, or just the Franco-German Alliance, which represents Europe may replace the United States as a “shining city on a hill” to the time when trump leaves the White house. Someone might say that the United States and its satellite the United Kingdom are in danger, and they can be assigned the role of armed guards of the castle — although during a stay trump for President of the United States increase its commitments in Europe, despite the limited reciprocity. Such a good maneuver can make a fourth term for the Federal Chancellor is much more fun than it would be without the Macron. Her eyes again shone, and obviously not from beer.

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