By 2030, electric cars will be cheaper cars on petrol and diesel

Electric cars will become cheaper than vehicles with internal combustion engines in 10 years, forecasts Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Now, the battery is about half the cost of the electric vehicle. By 2030 the cost of the battery will drop more than 70%. Eight years later, the price of “green” cars will be at the level of all cars on petrol and diesel. In 2030 electric cars will be 10-20% cheaper and will continue to decline in price. And by 2040 more than 50% of cars on the market new cars will be electric, analysts estimated.

According to co-founder of Tesla Club Ukraine Nazar Shimon-David, Ukraine will not lag behind trends in the world. For five years in the country, the number of electric cars increased from seven to more than three thousand, which brought Ukraine to the fifth position in terms of development of electric cars in the world.

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