Melon diet: how to lose weight with good taste and without harm for health

Compliance with melon diet gives noticeable and very quick result. Though it is a mono-diet, therefore the use of such a diet should be limited mostly from one to seven days. If you stick to this diet a week, you can easily lose up to five pounds, according to

Features of melon diet:

Melon very well fills the stomach and creates a feeling of fullness, which persists for a long time, and therefore you will not experience hunger.

In melon contains a very large amount of fiber of plant origin, which contributes to the improvement of the digestive system, helps to cleanse our body of toxins, unwanted salts and toxins. Melon promotes rejuvenation, gives extra energy and increases vitality.

She is a natural Builder of fat, and stimulates the removal from our body of heavy animal fats and harmful cholesterol, prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

Menu melon diet

Daily menu subject to melon diet consists of 1-1,5 kg of melon. Before use, the melon must be cleaned and divided into five parts according to the number of receptions for the day. It is necessary to eat at regular intervals in time.

During breaks between meals drink non-carbonated water or herbal tea. On the day should drink about two liters of fluid. Tea can be made from your favorite herbs. It is recommended to give preference to the soothing herbs which help to avoid unnecessary stress, which inevitably occurs during use of mono-diet.

Also very useful for you will be the rosehip tea, which has a large amount of vitamin C and natural bioflavonoids that contributes to a significant strengthening of natural immunity of our body.

How to choose a melon

To make your diet successful, you need to pay more attention to the quality of the product. So, the melon must be ripe. There are a few simple ways to check for ripeness of a melon. You can just knock on it. And if the sound will be dull, the melon is likely to be ripe and, therefore suitable for diet.

If the melon is ripe, it has a strong and pleasant smell. Check the surface of the fruit to rot and General lack of integrity. You should not take the melons that have dents, as they very often have a bitter taste. It would be better if you decide on a melon diet in the summer, in July or August, because at this time always there is a tremendous selection of different varieties of melons.

Melon has a fairly strong diuretic effect, therefore, it is desirable that the last meal was about six or seven o’clock in the evening, to be able to sleep, not constantly running to the toilet.

In addition to the usual diet, you can use cantaloupe for the discharge of the day. For this you need to choose one day, preferably a weekend, and during it gradually to eat one kilogram of melon. The amount of fluid you drink should be about two liters. A day you can lose about one kilogram of weight. And if you organize a day each week for two months, you can easily get rid of five or six extra pounds. Melon diet is not recommended in patients with diabetes. Before you begin this diet are advised to consult the relevant specialist.