How to find a sports figure for five minutes workouts a day: exercise strap

As the plank exercise is extremely popular not only among sports enthusiasts but also professional athletes. The plank exercise is a regular stand in statics, which pumps almost all the muscles of the body. You have to hold your body above ground a little longer, said “Want”.

Below are seven reasons why you should do plank every day

1. Strap tightens all the muscles

When it comes to workout all muscle groups, the bar has no equal, because it is the most effective and least time-consuming exercise. Classic strap tightens the abdominal muscles, arms, and priests, and oblique helps to tighten the muscles of the legs, hips and make the waist already.

2. Strap reduces the risk of injury in sports

To avoid injury when you exercise, it is important to have a strong enough press. Plank helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles that protect the spine and hips during intense movements.

3. Plank can be done anywhere

A huge advantage of straps is that it can be done on any smooth surface. For its implementation you do not need any fixtures or a lot of space. And if you have limited time, you can make a bar that replaces the full training session.

4. Strap speeds up metabolism

Making the bar every day before or after work, you not only stimulate your metabolism but also overall improve metabolism: speed remains high throughout the day.

5. Plank improves posture

The plank strengthens the abdominals and back that affects posture. Thanks to the strap muscles can provide optimal support for the spine from which you will stand more straight, and your posture each time will get better and better.

6. Strap improves flexibility and helps to maintain healthy joints and bones

Strap helps to stretch the rear muscle groups – shoulders, scapula and clavicle and muscles of the hips, arms, legs and even feet. Plank is the exercise of force, which uses the weight of the person.

7. Strap relaxes and improves mood

The plank pose helps to stretch and relax the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back, which is especially important for office workers who almost all are in a sitting position. It is proven that strength training for relieving the symptoms of depression, and some fitness experts say that the bar helps to improve mood, as the strengthening of the abdominal muscles and back gives a feeling of power.