With a hint of Russia

United States of America always together and always be together with the Baltic States and their peoples. This was one of several messages of the President of the United States Donald trump that Monday in Tallinn at the meeting with the presidents of the Baltic States gave the Vice-President of the United States Michael Pence. Experts in the field of international politics to admit that the visit of a Penny in Estonia is an important signal as to the Baltic countries and Russia.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgars rinkēvičs in an interview with Diena said that several visits by senior US officials in the Baltic States recently confirmed: USA and its allies and will be supported, and the 5-th paragraph of NATO is not negotiable. Visit a Penny in Tallinn also reduced concerns about the US relationship to its obligations.

“With this visit, the US administration once again testified that the course of US foreign policy and security policy in the region remains unchanged contrary to the view expressed by analysts concerns — continued Rinkevich. — This visit once again sends a clear calming signal to those who had concerns. Sends also a clear signal to our Eastern neighbors about what US foreign policy and their policy in the security sphere. This visit is the clearest signal and the confirmation that in matters of security, our relations remain unchanged. Just the opposite — they begin to develop.”

In turn, the researcher of Institute of foreign policy of Latvia Diana Potemkin Diena noted that the Pens “quite clearly said what he wanted to hear the allies in the Baltic States”. But another question — whether it adheres to the same opinion trump given it a much more friendly attitude towards Russia”. “In a couple Pence-Pence tramp is the “good COP”. He had better relations with Republicans and the more classical position in foreign policy, it is much stiffer in their attitude to Russia. Trump is in this sense quite predictable. We can say that on his map of the Baltic States is marked not so bright (like a Penny),” — said the expert. At the same time, it is noticeable that the enthusiasm of the trump in relations with Russia is declining, although, rather, this is the result of external pressure.