The Rothschild Foundation has invested in Bitcoin

World-renowned investment Fund Rothschild Investment Corporation acquired the shares of the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) worth 210 thousand dollars. These data are presented in the Declaration of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA, writes “News.Economy.”

“Of course, the amount for such a large Fund is miniscule, however we capture the interest of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency, and this may reflect the recognition of future changes in the global financial system,” – noted analysts of the edition.

The reaction to this information in the Internet are mostly positive, but not more than that. Quotes cryptocurrencies are not substantially changed.


  • The course is popular cryptocurrency soared to three thousand percent

Much more important for Bitcoin is the fact that a split was avoided. In the night of Friday 21 July has been achieved the necessary threshold support BIP91, in writing which were taken into account previous proposals for scaling bitcoin.

This substantially increased the chances of a successful activation Protocol SegWit2x, which will help to achieve the desired goal of increasing the capacity of the bitcoin network, without achieving its split into multiple blockchains. It helped fans get closer to their recent highs.

We will remind, earlier there was a risk of a split Bitcoin into two cryptocurrencies due to the new technology of the blockchain.