How to achieve a beautiful tan

The desire to maintain a good tan is not just a whim. Tanned body looks beautiful, gives a sense of smartness and confidence.

It is realistic to maintain the tan skin, if you follow simple, but it is good advice, writes

Here are 10 simple and proven rules that will help you get a nice tan in the summer.

The first rule

Take your time to get a tan from the first day, remember that tanning gradually, you’ll avoid many troubles, such as burns, heat stroke, fever, it’s the body’s response to stress from too much ultraviolet radiation.

The second rule

Before you begin tanning, take a shower, rubbed the body with a gel containing scrub that will exfoliate the top layer of old skin cells and tan lie smoother, will be more persistent.

The third rule

Be sure to use protective creams as they do not prevent the darkening of the skin and protect it from UV exposure. Cream apply to body 20 minutes before sun bathing, giving it time to soak in and begin your exposure.

Cream with a high content of fatty oils prevent sweating and cause discomfort, pay attention to it, choosing a sunblock. To moisturize and protect lips get a lipstick with UV protection, so your lips will remain delicate and attractive kind, and will not peel off.

I should take care of their hair, the sun’s rays burn away all the moisture, fat, brittle, frizzy. Hats and caps can relieve part of the problem, but it is much easier to use special sprays and lotions.

The fourth rule

Don’t fill up an hour before and after sun, as intense effects on the body to sunlight, in any case, causes stress to the entire organism and needs time to adapt.

The fifth rule

Considering the individual characteristics of your skin, start tanning daily, no more than 15 minutes, increasing the tanning time of 15 – 20 minutes daily. You don’t have to go to the beach, it is better to sit comfortably under a canopy or awning, just avoiding direct sunlight.

Rule six

After tanning, take a shower, moisturizing skin cream for use after sunbathing. These creams contain moisturizing ingredients, but also vitamins E and B5 to promote regeneration of skin cells, neutralizing free radicals. Your tan healthy and dry skin will last longer.

Rule the seventh

Try to sunbathe in the morning until 12:00. A great and even tan you get, taking in the sun active lifestyle for example playing beach volleyball, more walk, move, bathe, since ultraviolet rays penetrate into the water half a meter. Don’t forget that, even while in the water, you continue to tan.

Rule eight

After bathing in the sea or the pool, if you don’t leave the room, do not wipe with a towel, as you will have to re-apply the sunscreen.

The ninth

If the skin is still a little burned, don’t use Cologne, vegetable oil, yogurt and sour cream – is misleading. Use a gel cosmetic product against burns, they contain anti-inflammatory agents, vitamins that help cell regeneration.

The tenth rule

Before going to the beach do not use toilet water, deodorants and perfumes, as flavoring and chemicals contained in them cause unpleasant pigmentation of the skin, from which it is difficult to get rid of. This so-called “perfume effect” could spoil your mood for about three to four weeks.

To get an even and lasting tan can be everywhere: sea, river, lake, cottage, on the lawn, and even on the balcony, if you follow these simple rules, have a set of cosmetics for skin, know its features and reactions to sunlight.

These measures will help you avoid discomfort and keep a good mood throughout your stay.