Doctors spoke about the hazards of melons

The researchers said that a favorite treat of many — melon — can be dangerous to human health because it can contain hazardous substances, writes “Pannochka”.

That watermelon can be hazardous to health due to pesticides has long been known. Now, however, scientists also concluded that melon can be equally dangerous for the same reason.


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Scientists say that is especially dangerous melons can be for young children whose body is not sufficiently resistant and can resist dangerous bacteria and viruses that could eventually lead to serious diseases.

Doctors say that melon is a very useful melon culture, as it contains vitamins a and b and C and R. thus, scientists say that the melon can be an excellent means of preventing colds and strengthens the immune system of a person.


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In addition, the threat may be this product if it is combined with the wrong products. As a result, this can lead to poisoning even if the melon is normal and does not contain dangerous substances.

Also, in General, humans are not so good to digest this product, if you have it in large quantities, so it is important to eat fruit in moderation.


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From eating melons is to give those who suffer with ulcers and diabetes, since these people very likely this product may cause harm.

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