China and Russia hate us ABOUT for a very simple reason

China and Russia criticized the US for trying to defend against Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

On Tuesday the us military conducted a successful intercept of an Intercontinental ballistic missile, destroying the ICBM, released from the landfill Reagan in the Marshall Islands. The interception was conducted by the training missiles, launched from Vandenberg air force base in California. Russia and China, which rivals the U.S., is now criticizing Washington for its defensive actions.

Chinese state newspaper People’s Daily said Thursday that the United States “opened a Pandora’s box of” changing the balance of nuclear deterrent forces. “The actions of the US have begun a new arms race,” — said the Chinese edition.

“China is concerned about the impact that U.S. missile defense will create for the Chinese forces and means of retaliation — said Zhao Tong (Zhao Tong), working in Beijing, a research fellow at the Center for global policy Carnegie-Xinhua (Carnegie-Tsinghua Centre for Global Policy). Is the most serious problem for China. To solve it, it will develop a new missile and ground and sea-based missiles with multiple warheads”.

In fact the arms race is already underway, as China creates a modernized missile systems. He is actively developing hypersonic gliding aircraft that can overcome air defenses, improved head of the missiles, with high maneuverability, and modernized ICBMs. Missile troops of the PLA diversify your Arsenal, and in January, the military tested long-range missiles DF-5C with 10 warheads. Since China is making a major bet on the rockets, the improvement of the American anti-missile shield is a cause for concern.

The Chinese Ministry of foreign Affairs not only placed your comment in the People’s Daily, but once again made a complaint against the American system natmosphere of intercepting ballistic missiles, THAAD, stationed in South Korea.

“The American global missile defense system is ultimately aimed against the nuclear deterrent forces of China and Russia”, — said in February the nationalist Global Times newspaper administered by the People’s Daily.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday personally threatened on us missile defense, stating that Russia had no choice, and she will have to strengthen its own defense.

“The U.S. anti-missile defense around the world destroy the strategic balance, Putin said to reporters at an economic forum. — What happens very serious and disturbing. In Alaska, now in South Korea there are elements ABOUT. We just have to it the same way as in the Western part of Russia, limp watch? No, of course. We think, how we respond to these challenges, it is a challenge for us”.

Putin said that the US is using South Korea as a pretext to improve its missile Arsenal. Russia, like China, is also developing offensive weapons systems, delivery systems of hypersonic missiles and other weapons.