Causes of brittle nails and methods of their treatment

Nails are indicators of health along with hair, skin, tongue, mucous membranes. Nails are composed of keratin, which is between fat and water. They have the ability to absorb water, resulting in thicken. Just as all living tissue, can experience a shortage of minerals and vitamins, while estancias and split – reports

With the disease of brittle and splitting nails the important role played by the cuticle which protects the nail from harmful factors, it does not allow harmful microorganisms inside, using her nail gets everything he needs from the body. As nails, their color, shape, you can define more than 20 diseases, as the nails can signal about the problems of the body long before the manifestation of disease.

Among all the factors that can cause this problem, the main causes of brittle nails and stratification the following:

1. Nails are naturally porous structure, and one of the reasons for the separation may be frequent use of nail Polish and liquid Polish remover or acetone.

2. The reason for the breakage is sometimes harmful effects of other chemical factors with which a person can face in his or her professional activities. These factors include burns acids, alkalis, and numerous minor injuries, burns, frostbite.

3. The following reasons – the difference of temperatures outside and dry and warm air at home and at work. It is not the difference, but the fact that people do not protect hands from cold, gloves or mittens. Due to the chronic exposure and drying, the nails become brittle and thin.

4. Causes of brittle nails sometimes lie in the wrong care of nails. Many are accustomed to trim their nails with clippers, especially men, but in vain. Nails are only supposed to cut with a special nail file, which is almost impossible to remove more of the nail than you have to.

5. Frequent use of household cleaning products for Laundry, washing carpets, floors and dishes can also cause brittle and splitting nails.

6. People that support a healthy lifestyle through swimming, also need to think about what prolonged contact with water, which dissolved chlorine, can have a negative impact on the health and strength of nails.

7. In addition to domestic factors, brittle and splitting nails can appear due to a deficiency of minerals and vitamins. Especially, the nails are reacting to the deficiency of calcium, selenium, zinc, silicon, iron, vitamins a, E And D.

Treatment of brittle nails

With the disease of brittle nails treatment is to eliminate all factors that could cause this problem. Until you find and eliminate the main cause of illness, it is useless to carry out any therapeutic measures. It is easier to eliminate domestic causes brittle nails, do not forget to care for them.

You cannot use quick-drying lacquers for nail Polish. If you do a manicure, apply to the nails before applying the varnish with a special protective remedy for brittle nails – transparent protective lacquer. The cuticle in the manicure will have to be trimmed right, or use professional services of a specialist. If the problem with the nails started and nails strongly exfoliate, you need to give your nails a break for at least 2-3 months.

Women who use household cleaning products, to stock up on rubber gloves and work only in them. At first it will be uncomfortable, but the beauty and health of nails is more important.

The most fast-acting remedy for brittle nails – baths with therapeutic oils like olive or castor. These oils contain large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, which can fill the shortage of nutrients in the nails. Olive oil can also be added to a meal, tucking their salads, besides being very tasty, it is also useful.

Well exert their therapeutic effects and traditional medicines that can be used in conjunction with therapeutic baths, vitamin and mineral supplements and other treatments. Folk remedy for brittle nails are characterized by their simplicity and good composition.