The Russian division at the Ukraine’s borders: named for their possible purpose

The transfer of the Russian divisions to the border with Ukraine is more similar to the preparations for the attack, as the group has no offensive capabilities, not defensive, but she was not able to seize the Ukraine. This was told “Apostrophe” military experts.

The former Deputy chief of armed forces General staff Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko explained that the basic version of the presence of Russian troops at the border Ukraine – offensive. According to him, Russia is moving closer to Ukraine modern weapons, such as tanks T-90A, self-propelled artillery with two barrels. On the offensive capabilities of the troops talking and future large-scale exercises “West-2017”.

“The number of military in the joint Russian-Belarusian military exercise – 12.7 thousand, 3 thousand soldiers arrive from Russia. To attack a little but remember last year’s command-staff exercise of Russia’s “Kavkaz-2016″ when the number of military – 12,5 thousand during the sudden inspection of the troops rose to 125 thousand,” – said Romanenko.

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In turn, the former defense Minister Oleksandr Kuzmuk said: “All the military forces that are built up along our borders are a danger. If built up of groupings along the border of a sovereign state, they built up with some definite purpose.”

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained that the three divisions Russia will not be able to carry out large-scale offensive.

“Division is the day of the battle and the passage to a depth of 25, 50 miles, – said Zhdanov. – From the point of view of tactics, any unit on our borders is a bad thing, because it is a strengthening of Russian forces. But, on the other hand, three divisions do not make the weather in the theater of operations. If Muzhenko stated that we were approached by three field armies, two hundred thousandth reserves, and military reserves are concentrated in 3 months of war, when I realized that we need to take a shovel and go to dig trenches, because such a strike force can reach up to Kiev.”

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Military expert Alexey arestovich believes that the second possible purpose of the presence of Russian troops in the Ukrainian-Russian border is to deter the potential onset of the APU.

“This is an opportunity to quickly and efficiently respond to the situation, when we, for example, went on the offensive, – the expert explained. – The military is always planning scenario and consider various scenarios when I think the threat is real. These divisions are at such a distance that can be quickly raised the alarm one night and quickly pass our border. The main task – quick response in case of our attack or their attack”.

Zhdanov has confirmed that the force of the Russians, most likely, need as strengthening already existing groups in the Donbas.

“Three divisions can only strengthen the group of troops in the Donbas in order to ensure that the APU will not go on the offensive, as the advantage is not in their favor,” – said the military expert.

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Russia also intends to push the presence of troops on the politico-economic component to keep on a short about cooperation of Ukraine and NATO. However, experts claim that at the moment, you should not be afraid of the big Russian offensive.

“I do not exclude such a scenario. At the moment this does not happen, but at any time, in appropriate circumstances, which depend not only on Ukraine, everything is possible,” – said Kuzmuk.

As stated recently the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak, offensive operations by fighters and the Russian military in the Donbass is not yet in sight.