Gryshchenko called the main problem of the Russian sanctions USA

Russia will be difficult to get rid of us sanctions, as in the case of approval of the bill, the US President Donald trump will not be able to arbitrarily cancel. This was told in the comment to the edition “GORDON” the ex-Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Grishchenko.

He believes that the US has imposed sanctions not so much because of Ukraine, but decided to give a tough response to Russia for interfering in American elections.

“The expansion of US sanctions against Russia – completion of the natural process that is associated not so much with Ukraine, but with the aggravation of inter-discussions about Moscow’s intervention in the US presidential election. This topic is always in the spotlight of American media. So many congressmen and senators have a desire to demonstrate their outrage and to insist on toughening anti-Russian sanctions. And the aggression of Russia against Ukraine is an additional reason for this”, – said Grishchenko.


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The diplomat noted that for Russia the main problem of the new sanctions is that they are likely to be institutionalized and the outputs of them difficult.

“Of course, the situation in Russia was complicated. And not even because she was on a par with North Korea and Iran. Here’s the mechanism out of the sanctions. After the signing of the trump of the bill on new sanctions to get out from under them, Russia will be extremely difficult. For Moscow, it will create additional economic difficulties and will lead to increased political tension. Trump would approve new sanctions against Russia, if they understand that they are not signing creates for him serious difficulties. And in order to achieve the lifting or easing those sanctions, he has to go to Congress,” – said Grishchenko.

As it became known today, the House of representatives of the United States Congress passed a new package of sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea voted 419 congressmen, and turned against all three. What threatens Russia and what are the advantages of this for Ukraine can be found here.