Culture in Ukraine has changed where now people go

The cultural life of Ukrainians for years of independence has changed significantly. Talking about it data of the state service of statistics on culture in the quarter century from 1990 to 2016. According to them, is now in the top visited museums and cinemas, and most of all the country’s libraries. “Today” has analyzed the cultural preferences of Ukrainians.

Last year the Museum exhibits attracted 4 million more visitors than the movies, museums visited 15.8 million people, while cinema is only 11 million Experts explain this unexpected skewed by the fact that the SSS takes into account the number of visitors to the only public cinema. For example, in Kiev more than fifty cinemas, and 20 of them communal.

“Information about how many customers we have is a commercial secret. Such data provide only distributors”, — told us the representative of the Ukraine’s largest network of cinemas Catherine Grinchuk.

Confirm information and culture. “In fact goes to the movies a lot more people than in museums. But still need to consider that museums take more and tours for children, besides, the price of the Museum ticket is much lower than that of a movie ticket,” — says anthropologist Catherine Taylor.

PRICES. The accessibility of opportunities affects their cost. According to Taylor, the most affordable leisure Ukrainians remain exhibitions, museums and libraries: “Exhibitions along with museums, are the most available. The entrance to the gallery, usually free, and the Museum is cheap, in the framework of 20-50 UAH”. However, despite the fact that libraries are free, demand for them is low. Such unpopularity experts associated with the spread of the Internet.

THEATRES. Returns fashion theatres. Experts say that in the 90s they were almost the only form of cultural entertainment, in the 2000s, with the spread of other entertainment, their popularity dropped, but now the Ukrainians had enough of virtual culture and again go to the theaters. Thus have less to attend concerts because of ticket prices, experts believe. But in Ukraine now are often the stars of world size.