The court overturned the arrest of 15 million dollars in the Bank of Yanukovych’s son

The Pechersky court of Kiev released from three individuals in the amount of $ 15 million in accounts in PJSC “Ukrainian Bank of development”, which belongs to the son of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych Alexander. This is evidenced by a judgment for 19-26 December, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

In 2015, the Pechersk court arrested these funds for illegal lending, regional Railways Bank of Oleksandr Yanukovych. Then under arrest were the account of the son of the former President, the four companies and 32 individuals, among whom were employees of the Bank. Total arrests 2.75 billion UAH.

On 19 December the court started to make arrests with cash individuals. So was cleared with the arrest of funds of Valeria Esaulkova, who worked as an office Manager at “Ukrainian development Bank”. The lawyer of Esaulkova provided court documents stating that she was in the Nov 2013 borrowed 4.8 million dollars from Yashar street.

December 19 was also cancelled the withholding of funds Costilow Alexander, who also worked in the FBG. Kotelkin claims that 7.6 million dollars placed in the account was owed they also have street.

26 December, the court quashed the seizure of funds of the Novel, Emelina, which was led by the Department “all-Ukrainian development Bank”. Emelin argued that borrowed Khodjaev $ 3 million.

The court decided that the funds placed in Bank accounts of these three persons are signs of criminal origin and the arrest removed.

The first two decisions were made by the judge – a novel Novak, 26 December, the decree was passed by judge Vitaly pisanets.

In all three cases, the depositors of the Bank were represented by the same lawyer – Zalessky.

Criminal proceedings are investigating the investigative Department of the national police.
The court stated that they are not subject to appeal.

After the flight of Yanukovych, “Ukrainian Bank of development” is in a state of liquidation.